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Mike Stone

Reuters hires new M&A reporter


Soyoung Kim, who oversees mergers and acquisitions coverage for Reuters in the Americas, sent out the following staff hire announcement on Tuesday:

I’m very excited to announce that Mike Stone has joined the New York M&A team as a reporter focused on energy, financial institutions and real estate. Mike is joining Reuters from M&A focused news service Dealreporter, which was part of the Financial Times Group until recently and now owned by private equity firm BC Partners. At Dealreporter, Mike covered consumer and retail M&A and broke the news that KKR was in talks to buy Del Monte Group for $4 billion, among other exclusives.

Mike, who is starting today and will report to me, will be working closely together with Reuters M&A reporters around the globe as well as other journalists who are driving our financial institutions, energy and natural resources coverage. Please welcome Mike to the newsroom!

Stone has a bachelor’s from Bard College and a master’s from New School University.

Stephen Adler

Reuters editor in chief Adler: We need smarter, deeper, more forward-looking stories


Here is the list from Reuters editor in chief Stephen Adler that was sent out to the troops earlier this week (It was mentioned by Reuters CEO Andrew Rashbass in this email) after his bureau chief meetings:


Last week, we completed the last of our three regional bureau chief meetings. I’m sure you and your bureau chief will be talking about the topics we discussed in our sessions, but I wanted to share my own observations as well.

  1. We have excellent new leaders in each region – Jean Yoon in Asia, Richard Mably in EMEA, and Dayan Candappa in the Americas – each of whom has deep experience at Reuters, a strong commitment to our goal of being the world’s greatest news organization, and highly compatible, collaborative approaches to getting us there. They’re all off to a really good start!
  2. The meetings were great – the best I’ve attended in my three years here. The mood was more optimistic, the teams more united, the conversations rigorously practical – focusing on precisely how we can do things better – rather than theoretical.
  3. The teams in each region embraced the strategy of simultaneously reinforcing our traditional core (fast, accurate, neutral) and expanding that core to include more forward-looking, insightful, exclusive, and enterprising journalism. The focus this year, happily, was not on whether we should enhance our capabilities but rather – bureau by bureau – how we do a better job managing our time and resources to be fast and smart. You should see real results – and greater clarity – as a result of these discussions.
  4. We still have a lot of work to do to serve the financial buy side more effectively. We agreed that some of this involves the smarter, deeper, more forward-looking stories we’ve all been working on. We want these stories to provide un-obvious insights — based on strong sourcing and thorough reporting — about companies, countries, regions, industries, asset classes, and regulatory issues so they’ll be highly relevant to the people making investment decisions.
  5. We also have to become more comprehensive in our coverage of smaller and mid-cap companies, an effort that will involve better use of automation, strong reliance on centers of excellence such as Bangalore and – soon – Gdynia, and better focus by all of us on finding corporate angles within stories that, at first blush, might seem not to be corporate at all. When you think about it, most news affects companies in some way – whether a natural disaster, revolution, civil war, or sports or entertainment event. We agreed that we increasingly need to mine those opportunities.
  6. As Andrew Rashbass pointed out, we are a profitable news organization because we serve multiple customers and multiple customer groups. Our two biggest customer groups are financial and News Agency, and we wouldn’t be profitable without either one of them. So let’s remember, again, it’s our job not to focus just on one or the other but on both. It’s necessary for our business and central to our tradition and our mission of covering all the important stories in the world, financial or otherwise. Meanwhile, we’ll also try to build our presence in consumer and legal news.
  7. We talked a great deal about the role of bureau managers as leaders of teams, and as mentors and career guides. We aim to do a better job helping you develop your skills and identify and pursue exciting career paths within Reuters. We have programs in place to reinforce this ambition, but the key will be the leadership team’s personal commitment – reinforced at our meetings — not just to drive coverage but to support each of the 2,600-plus people who produce it. Part of this commitment, which I enthusiastically share, is to make sure we build and support a more diverse news organization.
  8. Finally, we talked about safety in a perilous world, and the importance of reminding each other that no story is worth a life. Our general managers and security consultants focus enormous attention on this issue, as do bureau managers around the world. As do I.

At the end of the meetings in London, Hong Kong, and New York, what struck me more than anything is how much great work you all are doing in bureaus all over the world – getting the news, making sense of it, getting it out quickly and accurately, and supporting each other on the ground every day. I am deeply grateful for that.

Reuters Logo

Reuters shifts legal team reporters


Howard Goller, an editor in Washington for Reuters, send out the following staff change announcement on Thursday:

After two successful years as our Justice Department correspondent, Dave Ingram is moving to New York effective April 7. He will remain with the Reuters legal team, covering antitrust and collaborating with colleagues on legal affairs coverage for a wide audience.  Dave joined Reuters in Washington as lobby and law correspondent in 2011. He will go on reporting to Howard Goller.

Stepping into the Justice Department role is graduate trainee Julia Edwards, who has covered the White House and Congress for National Journal and spent the first part of her trainee assignment working for Reuters in New York covering financial markets and legal affairs.  She takes over the Justice Department beat on April 4 and will report to Caren Bohan, as will financial crimes correspondent Aruna Viswanatha, who will take on a more enhanced role covering criminal law enforcement.

We congratulate Dave on his new assignment and welcome Julia to hers and expect our teams to go on working closely together.

Reuters Logo

Reuters CEO: Buzzfeed rocks!!


Andrew Rashbass, the chief executive officer of the Reuters news service, sent out the following message to the staff on Wednesday:

Getting people to click on stories has become a science. The leading technique is the enticingly-headlined numbered list. Buzzfeed are the masters. At the moment they’re running on their homepage “18 Unexpected Side Effects Of Being An Adult”, “21 Things A Guy Quickly Learns After Moving In With His Girlfriend For The First Time” and “16 Gluten-Free Dishes You Can Eat At Almost Any Restaurant”.

Not to be outdone, and in the hope that you have, for once, opened this email, this week on Relevant@Reuters, Steve Adler shares his observations following the bureau-chief meetings in London, Hong Kong and New York. Reading Steve’s clear and urgent points, I was struck by his clear commitment never to make do and say “we’re good enough”.

Also this week, there’s a Q&A with Ashley Byford-Bates about Reuters Access, our new, self-service picture and video e-commerce website for clients who are too small for our normal subscription services.

Adler’s observations can be found here.

Reuters Logo

Reuters seeks deputy editor for Global Markets Forum


Reuters is looking for an experienced, resourceful and well connected deputy editor to join its Global Markets Forum team in New York. The successful candidate will help take Reuters’ most vibrant community for financial professionals to the next level by driving online discussions, landing big name guests through an extensive network and proposing innovative ideas to showcase unique Reuters content, expertise and global reach.

We are looking for candidates who have extensive market knowledge and sources, fluency with social media engagement techniques and the ability to think on their feet. This position also requires strong collaborative skills and favors a candidate who can take a global view in framing discussions.

The Deputy Community Editor will co-host the chatroom conversation and be responsible for all editorial aspects of the community in the Editor’s absence. All the community roles require flexibility and the Deputy is expected to manage the forum members and build relationships within the community.

In particular, s/he will be tasked with maintaining a vibrant but civil conversation. The Deputy will ensure that all members and staff adhere to our chatroom policies and will be expected to build strong relationships with key community contributors to help keep things running smoothly. S/he will also play a particularly important role in working with the Community Producer to maintain and build our rolling program of guest interviewees and ensure that these generate wider discussion. The Deputy will also be closely involved in the production of an engaging, community-driven daily newsletter.

Specific responsibilities:
- Co-host the live chatroom conversation
- Ensure that Reuters staff and community members abide by our chatroom policies
- Establish strong relationships with community contributors and develop a set of ‘ambassadors’ to support the community’s development
- Maintain and develop our program of ‘guests’ including third party experts and editorial specialists
- Manage the creation of a daily community-driven newsletter
- Manage the @ReutersGMF Twitter feed
- Manage and develop our Global Markets Forum blogy
- Work with business partners and the Community Producer to ensure new members are welcomed effectively

To apply, go here.


Reuters Logo

Reuters names new CFO


Reuters chief executive officer Andrew Rashbass sent out the following announcement on Monday:

Claudia Palmer starts today as CFO for Reuters based in London, reporting to me.

Claudia most recently worked at EMI Music Publishing where she was EVP and chief operating officer for Europe having been SVP, corporate development, for EMI Group plc in charge of Investor Relations and Corporate Finance. Before that she was VP, business development, at The North Face. Prior to that, she had a previous stint at EMI and worked at Bain and Parthenon. She has a bachelor’s degree from Brown University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

John Carrozza can now move full-time into his role as global head of finance and sales operations for Reuters Agency reporting to Claudia with a dotted line to Steven Schwartz. Once again, I want to thank John for continuing to cover the CFO role for the past few months alongside his new responsibilities. Along with John, the rest of the Reuters finance team will now report to Claudia.

Claudia’s experience and commercial flair will be a huge asset to Reuters. Please join me in welcoming her.

Alan Gersten

Business journalist Gersten has died


Alan Gersten, a longtime business journalist who had been working for Reuters for the past eight years, died March 17 from leukemia.

Gersten was also maritime editor of the Journal of Commerce and business editor of the Rocky Mountain News from 1979 to 1985. At Reuters, he was a Latin America correspondent.

It was at the News that Gersten won a Gerald Loeb Award, considered the Pulitzer Prizes of business journalism, for columns/editorials for an investment series called “Gambling with Someone Else’s Money.”

Gersten was also the author of “A Conspiracy of Indifference: The Raoul Wallenberg story.” As a Jew, Gersten knew about Wallenberg and his heroic deeds in wartime Hungary. In 1994, he met some lawyers involved in a law case related to Wallenberg. This was an effort to free the Hero of the Holocaust via the courts.

For Gersten, that started a seven-year quest to write a book about Wallenberg. This involved going through thousands of records in Washington, the Roosevelt Library in Hyde Park, New York, trips to Chicago to talk to key participants in the narrative as well as telephone calls to Sweden and Switzerland.

Gersten went through the Knight-Bagehot program at Columbia University. He also had an undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois.

“Alan will be sorely missed by all who knew and loved him,” said Terri Thompson, who runs the Knight-Bagehot program at Columbia. “As a model business journalist, he mentored young reporters, and as an alumnus of the Knight-Bagehot Program, he contributed generously to the profession. Dedicated to his wife, Marjorie, he is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever known.”

Reuters Logo

Reuters seeks emerging markets reporter in London


Reuters is looking for an energetic, sharp and insightful correspondent to work as part of our London-based emerging markets team at a fascinating juncture for developing economies and markets worldwide — from Moscow to Istanbul, Lagos to Jo’burg, Caracas to Bangkok.

The four-person emerging markets unit forms a key part of financial markets coverage in EMEA. It requires extensive source building and intelligence gathering among a specialist investment community in London and other key centres as well as successful liaison with our bureau network and the coverage of long lines of visiting newsmakers.

The ideal candidate will have excellent markets knowledge, be a fluent writer and have a broad grasp of international investment and politics. Critical will be the ability to work selflessly within a small, busy team in London and correspondents worldwide.

Key duties will include:
- Sharing the daily emerging markets report
- Monitoring and alerting newsworthy developments in often opaque markets
- Sharing coverage of visiting newsmakers and live events
- Building senior sources at top investment houses
- Helping organize our annual investment summit
- Taking ownership of sovereign investors as a key area of coverage and contributing to our monthly asset allocation poll.

The successful candidate will contribute to a file that stands out as a must-read for international money managers and traders as well as resonating for non-specialists and the wider public.

Duties will include breaking market and spot news, initiative reporting and analysis, data gathering and mining and inventive work with graphics. The correspondent will report to the chief emerging markets correspondent.

To apply, go here.


Distributor to stop providing econ data only through Reuters


The distributor of a leading manufacturing index is eliminating a trading advantage some investors currently enjoy by ending the selective early release of the data only through Reuters, reports Brody Mullins of The Wall Street Journal.

Mullins writes, “Markit’s purchasing managers index, or PMI, was previously distributed by Thomson Reuters Corp., which gave the results of the business surveys to investors and other high-paying clients two minutes before they were released to the general public.

“Under the new arrangement, Bloomberg LP and Thomson Reuters will be the primary distributors of the economic data and both will make the information public at the same time.

“Markit produces dozens of economic surveys from more than 30 countries, including the U.S. The data is closely followed by traders because it is considered to be an early indication of developments in the retail and factory sectors, two areas that can move markets substantially.”

Read more here.

Frank Tantillo

Tantillo named ME for Reuters.com


Dan Colarusso, the executive editor for digital at Reuters, sent out the following staff announcement on Thursday:

I am pleased to announce that Frank Tantillo is being named Managing Editor, Product, Reuters.com.

Frank is a veteran Reuters journalist and trusted voice in the newsroom. He joined the company as a news assistant in 1994 and quickly became the kid in the newsroom who knew how to both find things on the then-new Internet and how to explain to the old-timers how it worked. He’s been intimately involved with the training and implementation of major editorial systems and moved over to Reuters.com in 2005 as one of its first hires.

He has been our go-to guy since.

In his new position, he will be among the key editorial voices in product development and technology changes on Reuters.com, working closely with Brian Tracey. He will be responsible for developing ideas around new sections, user experience features and multimedia/data innovation and troubleshooting technology issues relating to editorial workflows.

Please join me in congratulating Frank.