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Union leader to Dow Jones employees: We will get best deal


Bob Kozma, the president of the Independent Association of Publishers’ Employees, the union that represents business journalists at The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones Newswires and Marketwatch.com, sent out the following note to its members:

First we had the Bancrofts as owners. Now we have the Murdochs. We have endured Peter Kann and Rick Zannino as CEOs, followed by Les Hinton. Lex came . . . and went. The chandelier is going, too.

Through all the changes, one thing is clear: We, the employees represented by the Independent Association of Publishers’ Employees, make Dow Jones & Co. happen.

From the Wall Street Journal to Barron’s, from Factiva to MarketWatch — we make it happen.

From New York to California, Dallas to Toronto, Chicago to Washington — we make it happen.

From newsrooms to press rooms; from sales to customer service; building maintenance, circulation, finance, payroll, technology — wherever you see “Dow Jones” painted on a wall or stenciled on a door — we make it happen.

Managers may come and go, executives may change strategies seemingly overnight, but we remain steadfast because we know — we make it happen.

The new year is only one month old and look how tumultuous it has been. We await the news on News Corp’s — and Dow Jones’s — performance in the latest quarter. Management may once again say how it has to wring cost savings from the organization, and how the company has to do more with less. The leadership of your union will do all we can to counter management’s desire to heap more work on its employees.

This year, IAPE and Dow Jones will negotiate a new collective-bargaining agreement, the contract that governs how we operate. With your support, we will do what we always do: get the best deal possible. We will do this because we know — we make it happen!


Dow Jones names head of digital design


Himesh Patel has joined Dow Jones to lead the digital design of The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch and Barron’s.

Patel was previously the creative director of London-based Telegraph Media Group, where he spearheaded the design of the Daily Telegraph newspaper and the award-winning Telegraph.co.uk website and apps.

“My goal at Dow Jones is to add zest and modernity to the consumer brands,” Patel said in a statement. “WSJ, MarketWatch and Barron’s should be consistent across platforms – web, mobile, newspaper. I want a subscriber to feel the same emotional response to our digital products that you get from an outstanding newspaper front page.

“I look forward to working closely with the editorial department on ways to make our journalism a joy to read or watch on digital platforms. We have some tough questions to answer: What is the role of a newspaper in the 21st century? What values do we need to retain and preserve from traditional newspaper cultures? And what needs to change? But we start with some critical advantages: WSJ is as essential today as it has been at any point in its 125-year history. The tsunami of second-rate content that washes across the Internet is creating an opportunity for high-quality media that stands out.”

“Readers’ experiences of our journalism on digital platforms needs to radically improve,” said Edward Roussel, head of consumer products at Dow Jones, in a statement. “This is where Himesh’s skills and leadership will be invaluable.”

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Marketwatch.com seeks personal finance/real estate reporter


MarketWatch seeks an aggressive, Web-savvy reporter who can help filter the news of the day through a single question: “What does this mean for me and my money?”

It’s what readers of every news story wonder on some level, but this reporter will focus primarily on the single biggest financial decision most people make in their lives: buying or selling a home. Every aspect of real estate is fraught with confusion, anxiety, and sometimes outright shadiness, so this reporter will need to become an expert on everything from mortgages and real estate brokers to home builders and contractors.

The ideal candidate should have at least six story ideas before breakfast, and be able to produce quick, smart analyses on both economic data releases and the latest home design trends. This is a premier beat with opportunities for major exposure, including frequent TV appearances and radio interviews. The position requires at least three years news journalism experience, experience in online publishing, strong writing skills, an interest in personal finance journalism, and a keen understanding of how to engage audiences on social media.

Please attach a resume, cover letter and three to five published clips to your online application.

To apply, go here.

Marketwatch Earnings Wall

Interactive business news coverage about earnings


Glenn Hall, the editor in chief of Marketwatch.com, writes about the financial news site’s “Earnings Wall.”

Hall writes, “This is one of our newest interactive features and it’s designed to let you drive the discussion about the top earnings in a real-time conversation with other MarketWatch users and our reporters and editors.

“The concept is that MarketWatch editors pick the top earnings each day and put them into columns on the Earnings Wall. We then post previews and expectations ahead of the earnings releases, followed by key details from the earnings release and conference calls – all in real time.

“Our users can post their reactions alongside the news on the Wall, ask questions and share insights. Often, users will answer each other’s questions and discuss the earnings. The MarketWatch team will engage alongside you to offer additional information and insight from our reporters, editors and columnists.

“We quietly launched the Earnings Wall in October and it instantly became one of the most popular sections on our site during the last round of earnings.”

Read more here.

Polya Lesova

Marketwatch deputy markets editor moves to Wall Street Journal


Polya Lesova, the deputy markets editor at Marketwatch.com for the past two years, is moving to the real-time news desk at The Wall Street Journal.

She will start her new job on Monday.

In her most recent job, Lesova assisted the markets editor with managing a team of 14 reporters and editors based in the U.S., Europe and Asia who cover news that move the equities, commodities, bonds and currencies markets.

She previously was the London bureau chief for Marketwatch and a markets reporter in New York and Frankfurt.

Lesova has degrees from the American University in Bulgaria and from New York University.

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Marketwatch seeks Hong Kong-based financial reporter


MarketWatch.com is looking for a high-energy financial reporter to cover markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

Based in Hong Kong, the ideal candidate will be able to write straight news and markets reports and have an interest in writing more conversational blogs and spot analysis, with an eye on the far-ranging themes that grip market participants, sometimes via social media.

The role requires someone with a keen eye for market-moving developments who is able to produce clear, accurate reports under deadline and translate complicated concepts for retail investors. He or she should also have a sense of how to use social media for sourcing and distribution and an avid interest in pushing the boundaries on digital journalism.

We’d also like to hear from candidates who have experience or interest in editing and page layout. Interested candidates, please include relevant social media handles along with your work, education and language experience in the body of your resume.

Send to LMandaro@marketwatch.com.

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Marketwatch seeks markets editor


MarketWatch.com is looking for an editor on its markets team based in New York.

The ideal candidate will have a background in business journalism, preferably with some markets and investing experience, and an interest in a role that demands a range of skills. These include copy editing in a real-time environment, feature editing, assigning spot news and analysis, managing reporters, blog and column writing, and participation in a variety of group-based editorial projects.

We’re looking for someone who has solid business journalism skills, is comfortable telling stories about numbers, and who’s also eager to jump in with new ideas that will help MarketWatch retain its place on the cutting edge of digital journalism.

He or she should also have a sense of how to use social media for sourcing and distribution. A good sense of humor and ability to act with grace under pressure are key. In your cover letter, please describe how your background dovetails with the above job description, your best new idea for MarketWatch, and include your professional social media handles.

Interested candidates please contact lmandaro@marketwatch.com.

Anora Mahmudova

Marketwatch hires reporter from Financial Times


Laura Mandaro, the markets editor at Marketwatch.com, sent out the following staff hire announcement on Monday:


Please welcome markets reporter Anora Mahmudova to MarketWatch’s New York bureau. Anora comes to us from the Financial Times, where for seven years she was an equities reporter covering Wall Street, market structure and IPOs, and an online editor.

Before that, she worked for the BBC World Service as a radio reporter in New York. She’s live-blogged events such as the Libya crisis; filmed, edited and produced the FT’s ShortView videos; created data interactives such as stocks’ lost decade; and edited three investment books. In 2012, she completed a one-year Knight-Bagehot fellowship in business and economics.

She’s a native of Uzbekistan and is fluent in Russian. We are thrilled to have her here.


Marketwatch seeks media/technology reporter


MarketWatch.com seeks a New York-based reporter to cover technology and media, and the explosion of news that happens where the two intersect.

The successful candidate will have a proven track record of building sources, generating market-moving scoops and providing trenchant analysis on the global media, technology, advertising and telecommunications industries.

He or she will also be a social media maven with aggressive engagement on Twitter, LinkedIn and other relevant social platforms, and an understanding of how to use social media as a reporting tool. The beat will encompass the world’s top media companies including Viacom, Comcast, Time Warner and Disney, to name a few.

It will include coverage of the New York operations of Internet giants such as Google, Yahoo and Facebook as well as the city’s bubbling startup community. The nexus where advertising, mobile content strategies, telecommunications and media intersect will be a key hunting ground for this reporter. He or she will also spearhead MarketWatch overall technology coverage in the early morning, covering news in real time as it breaks and getting an early read on how tech stocks are behaving.

Please attach a resume, cover letter and three to five published clips to your online application.

To apply, go here.


Marketwatch.com seeks technology editor


MarketWatch is looking for a technology editor to lead coverage of this key sector. The ideal candidate will be a leader who can write, edit and assign as MarketWatch covers the business, the technology and the market moves of major publicly traded technology companies.

The editor will be responsible for setting the day-to-day coverage, working closely with our team of reporters, to handle both breaking news and longer-term features, and have both a creative yet disciplined approach toward doing so. The candidate will have a proven track record building sources, generating scoops and writing insightful analysis, and previous editing experience is a plus.

The editor also will be able to harness the best of social media, have the ability to tell stories across several media and have a presence on Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms.

The position will be based in San Francisco.

Please attach a resume, cover letter and three to five published clips to your online application.

To apply, go here.