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FT Samsung Smart TV app

Financial Times launches Samsung Smart TV app


Financial Times videos are now available via an application to televisions viewers who have a Samsung Smart TV.

The app shows the latest FT video, including analysis and coverage of stories and issues in politics, business and finance. It also broadcasts culture and lifestyle features and a text scroller of the latest FT news headlines.

“We see great demand for our video content on FT.com, YouTube and through our mobile apps — video views in 2013 were up 12%,” said FT.com managing director Rob Grimshaw in a statement. “Television extends our journalism to the ‘digital living room’, further demonstrating our commitment to subscribers by delivering content through new channels.”

Added FT head of video, Veronica Kan-Dapaah: “This development reflects the exciting opportunities for journalism created by new technologies. Our writers on the ground across the world – from Somaliland to Wall Street – can respond to breaking news events with live footage using smartphones. At the same time, our team of video journalists collaborate with the FT’s expert writers to provide deep analysis with outstanding production standards. Video allows the FT audience to see the faces and hear the voices behind the headlines that are driving the global economy, international business and politics.”

The app also gives the Financial Times the ability to sell advertising in a new medium.

Reuters and Twitter

Reuters journalists double Twitter usage


Journalists at Reuters more than doubled their usage of Twitter in 2013, according to data from Muck Rake.

Gregory Galant, the CEO of Muck Rack, notes that 238 Reuters journalists were using Twitter in 2012. That number increased to 496 in 2013.

In addition, CNBC anchor Melissa Lee was the journalist who started a Twitter feed in 2013 and received the largest number of followers, with more than 19,000. Lionel Barber, the Financial Times editor who started a Twitter feed in 2013, was third with more than 11,900 followers.

See all of the data here.


market money

China tells biz journalists to stop writing about cash crunch


China is mandating local reporters avoid using the term ‘cash crunch’ in their stories, reports Financial Times reporters Jamil Anderlini and Simon Rabinovitch.

Steven Perlberg of Business Insider writes, “Reporters were warned not to ‘hype’ stories about liquidity issues, according to the FT.”It’s actually an unusual move for China. As the FT notes, the government rarely interferes with financial journalism in order to bolster the impression that Chinese markets are just as open and reliable as its developed market contemporaries.

“But overall, China famously hates negative press. The country has reportedly refused to renew visas for about two dozen New York Times and Bloomberg reporters after stories from the organizations shed light on the wealth of elite Chinese families.”

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FT Alphaville

FT Alphaville seeks New York reporter


FT Alphaville is looking for a natural writer, with an interest in all things financial, to join its team in New York.

Enthusiasm for online journalism and/or blogging is essential – as is an ability to get up in the morning. (We start early.)

You’ll have a good sense of humor, a thick skin and you might even know how to manipulate a spreadsheet or fix a line or two of HTML.

Send a CV and anything else you think might persuade of us your talents to: paul.murphy@ft.com

Note that this position will be based in the FT’s New York office, located in that dead bit of Lower Manhattan sometimes referred to as West SoHo or Holland Tunnelville.

Short-listed candidates will be required to take a writing test.

Anora Mahmudova

Marketwatch hires reporter from Financial Times


Laura Mandaro, the markets editor at Marketwatch.com, sent out the following staff hire announcement on Monday:


Please welcome markets reporter Anora Mahmudova to MarketWatch’s New York bureau. Anora comes to us from the Financial Times, where for seven years she was an equities reporter covering Wall Street, market structure and IPOs, and an online editor.

Before that, she worked for the BBC World Service as a radio reporter in New York. She’s live-blogged events such as the Libya crisis; filmed, edited and produced the FT’s ShortView videos; created data interactives such as stocks’ lost decade; and edited three investment books. In 2012, she completed a one-year Knight-Bagehot fellowship in business and economics.

She’s a native of Uzbekistan and is fluent in Russian. We are thrilled to have her here.

Jason Abbruzzese

Web editor for FT leaves for Mashable


Jason Abbruzzese, a web editor at the Financial Times for more than two years, has left the business paper for a job at Mashable.

At Mashable, Abbruzzese will be a media reporter. His last day at the Financial Times was Friday.

At the FT, Abbruzzese was Responsible for editing raw copy for content, style and grammar, and prepping content for FT.com with metadata, hyperlinks and appropriate tags. He contributed to a wide variety of sections of the paper and website including world news, company and market news, business life, beyondbrics, Alphaville, and the FT Data Blog.

He also maintained the home pages on FT.com for story order, presentation, and photo appearance.

Abbruzzese has a bachelor’s degree from Boston University and a master’s degree from Australian National University.


Financial Times ready for global edition


Arif Durrani of MediaWeek examines how the Financial Times is preparing for a single global edition in 2014.

Durrani writes, “Not everyone’s convinced by the global edition. Lorna Tilbian, the executive director at Numis Securities, says: ‘This one global edition might work for advertisers, but does it really work for readers? Don’t give me pages of information on Asia or the Middle East, I want to know specifically about what’s happening in the UK. Most people are still specialists, not generalists.’

“The FT’s editor, Lionel Barber, has tried to allay such fears and softened news of the move in October with the caveat that it will ‘retain flexibility for a tailored UK edition with UK news pages’ for specific events.

“The new year will also bring a new staff training programme, the Global Commercial Academy, designed to develop skillsets required for a modern multimedia company. Run by a mix of internal and external experts, Hughes is helping to bring the initiative to fruition.”

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FT app

Could Pearson sell the Financial Times?


Gerelyn Terzo of The Motley Fool examines whether Pearson Plc will sell The Financial Times in the wake of disposing of Mergermarket.

Terzo writes, “In 2012, the FT Group generated £443 million in sales, up 4% from 2011 levels. But profits fell 36% to £49 million as a result of the fact that index provider FTSE International was no longer part of Pearson’s portfolio amid the company’s sale of its holding. Does this mean that in 2014 Pearson will experience declining profits and point to the sale of Mergermarket?

“The FT Group, per Liberum Capital estimates, are valued at approximately £647 million, which is broken down as £400 million for the FT and £247 million for The Economist. Pearson sold Mergermarket for £382 million, which is slightly above the consensus valuation.

“And despite some analyst buzz as recently as a few months ago surrounding the possible sale of the FT Group, those rumors have been quelled for the time being. But Pearson may find that its shareholders are disappointed with the fact that there does not appear to be a plan to return any of the cash from the Mergermarket sale to investors directly. Instead the company intends to invest in digital publishing and education.

“So if there is enough of an investor backlash, Pearson could theoretically rethink a sale of the FT Group. But analysts say that selling The Economist would be a more complex undertaking than unloading Financial Times because of certain ownership terms. And if shareholders clamor enough, the potential sale of Financial Times could be back on the table.”

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Financial Times names new financial editor


The Financial Times has appointed Patrick Jenkins as financial editor and  assistant editor, effective Jan. 1.

In his new role Jenkins will oversee and  shape the FT’s broader financial coverage, with a focus on financial services  and investment. He will lead a team of journalists globally and work closely  with editors in the markets, Lex, FT Money and FTfm teams.

“Patrick has led our banking coverage over the  past four years and forged a world-beating team of financial services  journalists,” said editor Lionel Barber in a statement. “He and his colleagues have demonstrated an enviable record of  breaking news, consistently delivering front page stories on issues at the heart  of our readers’ interests. His leadership skills and experience will be  invaluable as we continue to invest in core beats and develop our digital  strategy.”

Jenkins will contribute to comment and analysis and continue to write for the Inside Business column. He will work closely with the investigations team on developing the  FT’s deep, agenda-setting journalism in the financial services field.

Sarah  Gordon takes over the pan-regional banking beat as European business editor and  associate editor from January.


FT parent sells Mergermarket for $624 million


BC Partners, a London-based private-equity firm, agreed to buy financial-data provider Mergermarket Group from Pearson Plc, the parent of The Financial Times, for $624 million, reports Kiel Porter and Kristen Schweizer of Bloomberg News.

Porter and Schweizer write, “Nikos Stathopoulos, managing partner at BC Partners, said in an e-mailed statement today that the company will team up with Mergermarket Chief Executive Officer Hamilton Matthews’s group continue to invest ‘in the growth of the business through product development and geographical expansion.’

“Mergermarket, which was founded in 1999, operates in 65 countries and controls brands such as Debtwire, DealReporter, Infinata, Wealthmonitor, and Xtract Research according to the statement. The London-based company had revenue of 100 million pounds and operating income of 25 million in 2012, Pearson said.

“Pearson, which publishes the Financial Times, will use proceeds to accelerate growth in its education business. The London-based company is spending 150 million pounds this year to push into fast-growing regions and digital services.”

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