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Harry Weber

AP reporter headed to Houston to cover energy


Harry Weber, an Associated Press reporter based in Atlanta, is leaving the wire service to cover energy for the Houston Chronicle’s business news desk.

Tony Wilbert‘s Skyline Views reports:

Weber, who covered big business, airlines and the BP oil spill for the past 10 years out of the AP’s Atlanta bureau, will depart next month to cover energy at the Houston Chronicle, according to a memo from the AP South Region Editor Lisa Marie Pane.

Harry’s a dogged reporter who gets scoop as well as any reporter. I’m sure he’ll kick ass on the best beat in Houston. He’s also a die-hard Redskins; fan, which is quite admirable these days.

Here’s the meat of her e-mail to the AP’s South Editorial staff:

“In the 12 years since Harry Weber joined the AP, he’s covered everything from the 2001 slayings of two Dartmouth professors that stunned rural northern New England to the case of Brian Nichols who escaped from a courthouse while on trial and shot and killed four people, three of them inside the courtroom.

 And who could forget the Gulf oil spill? Persuading BP to get him and Gerald Herbert on a boat to observe the effort to cap the well gave the AP a front row seat to that drama that no other media organization could come close to matching.

 He’s been tireless in pursuing the news, always striving to get it first. And now, he’s going to be taking those skills to the Houston Chronicle to cover energy — a place he spent some time at during his one-year stint on the Gulf oil spill beat.”

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AP biz reporter leaving for Bankrate.com


Associated Press business editor Hal Ritter sent out the following staff departure announcement:

Chris Kahn has decided to leave AP to take a job as editor of the credit card team at bankrate.com. Chris joined AP as an intern in the Phoenix bureau in 1999. He became a full-time reporter in the Richmond, Va., bureau in 2000 and correspondent in Roanoke in 2001. During his years in Virginia, he covered everything from federal courts to presidential campaigns to sports. 

Chris left AP for two years to be education writer for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and rejoined us in Phoenix in 2006. He covered airlines and energy there before moving to New York in 2008 to be a national energy reporter in Business News.

Chris has done a great job for us. His dedication to the energy beat and teamwork have been valued and will be missed.

Please join me in wishing Chris the best in his new job. His last day with us will be Friday, Aug. 3.

AP looking for an assistant biz editor


The Associated Press Business News Department seeks an assistant business editor for its headquarters in New York City.

This editor will primarily manage editors who produce the AP’s financial markets and banking coverage, as well as its Money & Markets product, which appears in hundreds of newspapers and on their websites.

The job requires an experienced and accomplished editor and manager. The AP wants an editor who is highly knowledgeable about the coverage areas, has excellent news judgment and is a wordsmith, and a manager who can lead and inspire editors and reporters and help them become even better.

Business News assistant business editors work closely with the deputy business editor and business editor and must be team players. AP Business News is committed to excellence, and assistant business editors are instrumental in driving continuous improvement.

Applicants must have at least five years of high-level management experience.

To apply, contact Deputy Business Editor Kevin Shinkle at kshinkle@ap.org or go to www.ap.org.

Biz media say progress made in talks with Labor Department


Business media outlets say they have made progress in talks with the Labor Department in a dispute over how the federal government agency releases economic data to journalists.

An Associated Press story states, “Testifying to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Reuters and Bloomberg News officials revealed little detail about the movement they said has occurred in talks with Obama administration officials.

“Dow Jones and The Associated Press have also participated in the meetings. These news organizations and others have fought the proposal to use federal equipment, arguing that it could allow the government to see unpublished articles and could make the process vulnerable to cyberattacks on government computer systems.

“‘The government would literally own and control the reporter’s notebook,’ Daniel Moss, an executive editor from Bloomberg News, told the lawmakers.

“Until now, data about employment and consumer prices are given to reporters in a department ‘lock up’ room minutes before the official release so they can prepare their stories and then file them when the information is publicly released. News organizations provide their own computers, software and phone lines.”

Read more here.


Atlanta paper hires new commercial real estate reporter


Greg Bluestein, a reporter for the Associated Press in Atlanta, has been hired to cover business at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, business editor Matt Kempner confirmed to Talking Biz News.

He will cover commercial real estate and economic development. Bluestein starts May 30.

Bluestein is a legal affairs reporter for the Associated Press in Georgia and a member of the national law enforcement team, covering national crime and court trends.

He has played a leading role in covering every major breaking story in Georgia during the last six years, providing coverage on the legal, political, technology and environmental beats.

He covered the Georgia Legislature for five years and traveled with President Jimmy Carter, including trips to Haiti and the Dominican Republic for extensive coverage of his post-presidency.

He has also been called upon to cover breaking stories across the Southeast, including five weeks covering the oil spill in New Orleans and extensive coverage of the 2010 West Virginia mine explosion, the faculty shooting at University of Alabama-Huntsville and the disastrous 2011 tornado outbreak.

Bluestein is a graduate of the University of Georgia, where he was editor of The Red & Black, the campus newspaper.

AP names Korean tech reporter


Youkyung Lee, a reporter who has covered technology, business and politics in South Korea and for overseas publications, has been named technology writer in Seoul for The Associated Press.

Stephen Wright, the AP’s Asia business editor, made the announcement Wednesday.

An AP story states, “Lee has been a reporter for the English language news service of South Korea’s national news agency Yonhap for the past four years, where she covered consumer technology and the economy. She has worked as a translator for state television and a special correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, reporting on the protests over U.S. beef exports to South Korea and a North Korean spy trial among other topical issues.

“An Asian Freeman Scholar, Lee graduated from Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and French Studies. She spent a summer as a writer for the French language Adjinakou newspaper in Benin.

“‘Lee will bring fresh ideas and perspective to our coverage of technology in South Korea and Asia,’ Wright said.”

Read more here.

Biz reporter named to AP Beijing post


Didi Tang, a reporter who has covered business and education in Missouri, has been named a correspondent in Beijing for The Associated Press.

An AP story states, “A China-born U.S. citizen, Tang, 36, has been a newspaper reporter for a decade in Missouri, most recently for the Springfield News-Leader, where she covered education issues. She also worked as a correspondent for USA Today, writing about the tornado that devastated Joplin, Missouri, last year and other events in the Midwest.

“At the News-Leader, her investigative reporting about spending at Missouri State University played a role in the resignation of the school’s provost. She also won Missouri Press Association awards for her business coverage.

“After graduating from Beijing Foreign Studies University, Tang attended journalism school at the University of Missouri.”

Read more here.

AP assistant biz editor leaving for Bloomberg Industries


Associated Press business editor Hal Ritter made the following staff announcement Tuesday afternoon:

After an 18-year run that started as an editorial assistant in AP’s Trenton bureau, Assistant Business Editor Donna Weston is leaving us for a job at Bloomberg Industries. Donna will be an editor in this data division of Bloomberg that publishes research from in-house analysts. Bloomberg Industries is based in Princeton.

For those who don’t know Donna’s AP history: She was promoted to newswoman six months after joining AP in 1994. She came to Business News in New York in 1998 as a general assignment reporter. She was later night supe and day supe before being promoted to assistant business editor in September 2001.

Since 2008, Donna has overseen the retailing and health care teams and our spot desk operation. She has been instrumental, especially, in helping us produce a strong product for APFN customers. Most recently, she developed the spot desk reorganization that went into effect Monday.

Donna’s last day will be Friday, Feb. 17. Details to come on a sendoff.

In the meantime, please join me in wishing her the very best in her new job.

AP tech reporter joining Bloomberg



Jordan Robertson, a tech reporter based in San Francisco for the Associated Press, is leaving the wire service to join Bloomberg News.

In an email to the staff, AP business editor Hal Ritter wrote, “Sorry to report that Jordan Robertson is leaving us to join Bloomberg News as its lead reporter on computer security and Internet networking. Jordan has done a great job for us on the technology beat for six years, covering major tech companies and diving into fascinating topics like cyber security and the hacker culture. He has written numerous stories designated AP IMPACT. We’ll miss Jordan’s expertise and enthusiasm on the tech beat.”

In his going-away message to his AP colleagues, Robertson wrote, “I wanted to let everyone know what a pleasure it’s been working with you all for the past 6 years, and how hard it is for me to go. My time at the AP has been a thrilling ride and I’ve had a tremendous amount of fun getting in trouble on behalf of the AP, from having an Apple representative charge me like a linebacker for trying to talk to Steve Jobs, to being able to set my watch to HP’s remarkable consistency in generating front-page scandals, and hanging out with hackers who have delighted in reminding me that they probably read my e-mail.

“The breadth of stories I’ve been able to cover at AP is something I’ll remember fondly.

“I’ve had such a great time writing business and technology news for the AP and covering the larger-than-life characters that make Silicon Valley and the tech world tick. The team we have here pulls together in a serious way, and watching the AP machine spin into action on big stories is an amazing sight. We’ve done some outstanding journalism in my time here, and it’s been such a privilege to be part of that. I truly hope that our paths cross again.”

AP names new financial markets editor


Associated Press business editor Hal Ritter sent out the following announcement about Erin McClam to the staff on Tuesday:

It’s a pleasure to announce that Erin will be joining Business News as financial markets editor. He’ll start Jan. 3. Most of you have worked with Erin in his role as Top Stories Desk editor the past four years. Since April 2010, he has been based in our department and worked almost exclusively on business and financial stories. He has been involved with every reporting team and has done an outstanding job helping shape stories for page-one readers.

In his new role, Erin will work with Seth Sutel and the markets and banking reporters to cover the news and deliver the enterprise readers need to understand the markets and manage their money.

For those who don’t know his background, Erin joined the AP right out of the University of Georgia, where he earned a journalism degree in 1999. He worked in the Atlanta bureau for three years and came to New York in 2002 as a reporter in the City bureau. He covered white-collar crime and the courts (WorldCom, Tyco, Martha Stewart) for three years and was named a national writer in 2005. He joined the Top Stories Desk as an editor when the desk was established in January 2008.

Please join me in congratulating Erin on this promotion and welcoming him as an official member of the department.