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Wichita Biz Journal

Wichita Business Journal seeks reporter


The Wichita Business Journal is looking for a savvy, multi-platform journalist who knows how to cultivate sources, break news and produce relevant centerpiece stories with impact that help create and further business community discussion.

Wichita is doing stories with impact, our recent interview with Charles Koch being an example. We’re aiming high and not settling for no.


Use our website and social media to scoop the competition. Be a critical thinker. Be hungry to expand your brand and your audience. Be aggressive in cultivating sources. Work in a collaborative newsroom and operating unit.


Assertiveness, ability to source using documents, building a source list from personal contacts, desire to keep building a strong portfolio of award-winning work.

Contact Bill Roy, editor, broy@bizjournals.com, or 316-267-6406

Albuquerque Business First

Albuquerque biz paper launches redesign


Ian Anderson, the publisher of Albuquerque Business First, writes about the redesign of the American City Business Journals paper.

Anderson writes, “We’re bringing you breaking news online first and fast all day long, delivering it to readers’ inboxes twice a day. In our weekly edition, we take a deeper dive into the issues and industries we’re covering, providing you perspective and analysis you won’t find anywhere else. And our social media channels are driving a discussion on the issues that matter to the Duke City’s business community.

“This week’s in-depth cover story, a collaboration among our entire reporting staff, looks at how other cities have reinvented their economies and what it would take for Albuquerque to do the same.

“The relaunched Albuquerque Business First also includes new features. On page 3 of the weekly edition, you’ll find #ABQBiz, which gets readers right to the heart of what leaders in the business community are thinking and talking about on social media and beyond.

“This effort is uniquely Albuquerque, but it also benefited from the resources and expertise of our parent company, American City Business Journals. ACBJ worked with world-renowned designer Mario Garcia to create the look you see on our pages and our website.”

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Wichita Biz Journal

No more holding business news until Friday


Bill Roy, the editor of the Wichita Business Journal, writes about how reporting has changed at the American City Business Journals paper.

Roy writes, “The Wichita Business Journal has rewired its newsroom.

“We have changed the way we operate so we can deliver the business intelligence you need to compete and win in the Air Capital.

“My reporters and I used to work each week to seek out exclusive local business news — scoops — and present them in the weekly edition of the WBJ that comes out each Friday.

“It didn’t matter if we got the scoop on Monday or Wednesday or the previous Friday, we held that scoop so we could break the news in your Friday paper.

“People talk. News leaks. Sometimes those stories would be picked up by our competitors and we would lose the exclusive.

“No more.

“Now my reporters and I work our sources, we get the scoops and we report them immediately, on your mobile phone, on your tablet and on our website, WichitaBusinessJournal.com.

“Bottom line: No more holding the news. We get it to you as quickly as we can.”

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Crystal Edmonson

Atlanta Business Chronicle starts TV show


The Atlanta Business Chronicle is starting a weekly, 30-minute television show next month that will air on Sundays.

A story in the latest edition of the paper states, “‘Part of our mission is to make viewers aware of the vibrancy of the business community in Atlanta,’ said John Deushane, president and general manager of the Networks of 11Alive. ‘[“Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ”] will shine a light on the positive things that are happening within the business community of which many Atlantans are not aware.’

“Atlanta Business Chronicle and 11Alive have had a long-term content sharing relationship. Deushane said the television program is a natural progression.

“The 30-minute program is the only locally produced television show devoted solely to the business community in Atlanta. It will feature business news stories, interviews and a behind-the-scenes look at the people and industries that power the metro area’s economy.

Crystal Edmonson, Atlanta Business Chronicle’s broadcast editor, will host the show. Veteran Atlanta broadcaster Patrick Crosby will report on local business trends in a segment called By the Numbers. Chronicle Publisher Ed Baker will conduct one-on-one interviews with CEOs and other Atlanta decision-makers in a segment called CEO to CEO.”

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San Francisco Business Times

San Francisco Biz Times seeks commercial real estate reporter


The San Francisco commercial real estate market is among the most dynamic in the country. We need an equally dynamic reporter to cover it exhaustively, across the breadth and depth of our various platforms. We’ve had a succession of “stars” on this beat — and we’re looking for the next one.


Own the audience. This means:
•Break news daily online;
•Blog regularly on the commercial RE market;
•Contribute to weekly print reporter page;
•Write longer-form pieces for print and special publications;
•Assemble, maintain and relentlessly grow a source network;
•Frequent, vibrant, well-followed social media posting;
•Integration of data, video and alternative forms into all storytelling;
•Execute a deeply reported, data and graphic-rich Centerpiece package every 6 to 8 weeks.


•Superior reporting, writing, investigative and analytical skills;
•Breaking news orientation: Scoops matter. A lot;
•Multiplatform comfort and familiarity;
•Existing social media chops;
•Work collaboratively with other editorial team members.

To apply, contact James Gardner, Managing Editor, at jgardner@bizjournals.com 415-288-4955415-288-4955


Ben Fischer

Biz reporter on why New York is so attractive


Ben Fischer, a business reporter for the New York Business Journal, writes about why he joined the online publication from its sister paper, the Washington Business Journal.

Fischer writes, “We’re part of the American City Business Journals chain, which has covered the business communities in more than 40 cities for three decades — but not here until late 2012.

“We are enthusiastic about this expansion. Simply put, opportunities for great journalism are everywhere we look in this city.

“New York’s burgeoning tech scene is chock full of creative, driven entrepreneurs and plenty of risk-taking investors (check out some of my  coverage from Social Media Week).  Advertising and  digital marketing is still white hot, and innovation is thriving in life sciences, biotech and health care. And some things never change:  Real estate is always a lively topic in Manhattan.

“We compete for your attention and limited time with every website in the world, but we don’t see this endeavor as intrinsically competitive. That is to say, our success will not necessarily come by an existing outlet doesn’t have to suffer for us to be successful. In short, the city’s private sector is growing and diversifying so rapidly that we’re eager to dive in and find the great stories on our own.

“In the coming weeks, I’ll be launching a regular Executive Q&A feature. Also, I’ll be soliciting consumer essays aimed at particular sectors, hoping to spur some new ideas to solve real-world user problems.”

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Rob Smith

Seattle biz weekly names new editor; so does Portland paper


Rob Smith, the editor of the Portland Business Journal, is becoming editor of its sister publication in Seattle, the Puget Sound Business Journal.

He replaces George Erb, who retired from the Puget Sound paper last year. Both papers are owned by American City Business Journals.

Smith has been at the Portland paper since November 2003. Before that, he was managing editor and special reports editor at the Seattle paper for nearly six years. He led the Portland Business Journal to 113 state and 11 national journalism awards. The paper also won first-place statewide in editorial writing award five times during his tenure.

Smith is being replaced in Portland by Suzanne Stevens, who is the paper’s digital managing editor and has been its web editor. A staff writer for the paper, Matthew Kish, tweeted that she is a “talented and savvy journalist and leader.”

Stevens has been with the Portland paper since 2010. Before that, she spent five years at The Deal as a senior editor. Stevens also spent four years as an associate editor of Oregon Business magazine.

Birmingham Business Journal new

Birmingham Business Journal seeks reporter


The Birmingham Business Journal is seeking a reporter who is able to marry strong traditional journalism skills – source building, sharp interviewing techniques, strong analytical and investigative reporting skills, clear writing, document use – with online and social media know-how.

Whatever the platform, reporters will produce content – original and curated – that is accompanied by perspective and context. Beat available at this time is health care and technology.

Duties: The top mission: to own audience, by every measure. A BBJ reporter is expected to contribute both short-form (daily online posts) and long-form (print) stories to our news products. Scoops matter. A lot. Specifically reporters will be expected to own their beat audience and conversation; use networking events, Twitter, LinkedIn and other community-building outlets to expand and fortify their source pool and audience; work collaboratively with other newsroom staffers to maximize impact and accessibility of stories reported; and meet or exceed goals related to audience engagement.

For more information, contact editor Cindy F. Crawford at ccrawford@bizjournals.com or (205) 443-5631.


South Florida Business Journal seeks two reporters


South Florida Business Journal, the award-winning business news leader, is looking for a real estate reporter and a retail/restaurant/tourism reporter.

Summary: As a reporter in one of the hottest markets in the country, you will be responsible for quality coverage across all platforms. We are looking for energetic and enthusiastic reporters to establish themselves as the go-to source on their respective beats. Our reporters must marry strong traditional journalism skills — source building, sharp interviewing techniques, strong analytical and investigative reporting skills, clear writing, document use – with online and social media know-how.

A Business Journal reporter is widely recognized as the community’s foremost authority on their assigned beat. Our reporters are expected to own their beats by breaking important hard news online and using print and video to tell the story behind the headlines, providing deeper analysis of newsworthy events.

· Produce compelling, high-impact breaking news and enterprise that is rich with perspective and context for the South Florida business community.
· Own the beat audience and conversation.
· Build source network relentlessly.
· Work collaboratively with editors, photographers, designers and others to maximize the impact of stories reported.

· Ability to work independently and remotely.
· Break news and identify newsworthy events and sources.
· Strong writing, analytical and investigative interviewing skills.
· Work under deadline pressure and prioritize tasks appropriately.
· Experience with using social media to source and promote content.
· Understanding all platforms including print, mobile and online.

Please send your resume and cover letter to Mel Meléndez, Managing Editor, at mmelendez@bizjournals.com.

Austin Business Journal

Austin Business Journal unveils redesign


Colin Pope, the editor of the Austin Business Journal, writes about what the paper’s redesign means to readers.

Pope writes, “Our new way of presenting our authoritative, ahead-of-the curve business stories may be different to better serve you in this digital era, but some things will never change around our newsroom.

“This is a source of business intelligence, and every bit of it is actionable for someone earning a paycheck or building a company. Whether it points you in the direction of a solid lead or exposes details about the people you need to know so you can get closer to them, everything in this publication can be acted upon or used by professionals.

“This newsroom vows to report what’s happening, not just what’s announced. We vow to produce accurate, clear and unbiased articles, and put your needs first. Above our reporters’ desks hangs a picture of Queen Elizabeth II, with the caption: ‘This isn’t a democracy. The reader is queen. Or king, as the case may be.’

“We get it. Great business depends on an unvarnished view of your environment. Thanks for counting on us.”

Read more here.