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American City names winners in company contest


The Puget Sound Business Journal and the Nashville Business Journal were multiple winners in the American City Business Journals‘ annual Eagle Awards, which laud the best work among its 40 business weeklies.

The Seattle-based paper was named a winner in the general excellence category, and was also named a winner in the categories of best breaking news,  best enterprise, best focus section and best use of the Web for breaking news.

The Nashville paper was also a general excellence winner. It also won in for design and best use of Web for breaking news.

The other general excellence winner was the Triangle Business Journal, based in Raleigh, N.C. The runners up in that category were the Pittsburgh Business Times, the Washington Business Journal and the Charlotte Business Journal. Charlotte also was a winner in the best enterprise category.

The Baltimore Business Journal won in the categories for best focus section and best writing. The Phoenix Business Journal won in the categories of best enterprise and best overall design.

The winners were announced Tuesday at a company-wide dinner in Charlotte.

DISCLOSURE: I was one of the judges of the contest this year.

Houston Biz Journal names new editor


B. Candace Beeke has been named the new editor of the Houston Business Journal, replacing longtime editor Bill Schadewald, who is retiring after 37 years at the paper.

A story on the newspaper’s site states, “John Beddow, HBJ publisher, said that Schadewald had built up a strong franchise and leaves a legacy of high-quality business journalism, and that he is confident Beeke can continue that tradition.

“‘We are very excited to have Candace join the team. We’re all looking forward to her leadership,’ Beddow said.

“Beeke has been editor of the Business Review West Michigan since May 2008, and began her career in journalism at the newspaper as a reporter in 2001.

“She graduated from Western Michigan University in 2001 with a Bachelor’s degree in public relations with a minor in journalism.

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ACBJ papers unveil redesigned sites


All of American City Business Journals 40 weekly business newspapers have rolled out redesigned Web sites on Sunday.

Each of the papers has nearly identical stories on their sites Sunday evening, stating that one of the biggest changes is in making the paper’s print edition articles easier to find online.

A story on the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal site states, “ACBJ is the country’s largest publisher of local business publications and a leading source of business news on the Web, attracting about 5.7 million unique visitors in September.

“Leading the redesign effort was Jason Silverstein, vice president of product development at ACBJ’s online division. Silverstein is no stranger to redesign efforts, having previously led a redesign of The Charlotte Observer’s website, but this time he had a unique task of uniting all 40 of ACBJ’s local-business sites while allowing each individual publication to retain its own identity. The idea is to offer readers a constant stream of local news while also allowing them to view news nationally by industry, and to do so seamlessly in a way that keeps the audience engaged and rewarded.

“‘Each market will have a very similar structure in page design, but will take on the same colors as their printed product. There are enough unique qualities in the designs to give them their own feeling, their own brand, but they leverage the core assets we provide them,’ Silverstein said.

“Among the new features of the website are the news carousel, which will allow the Business Journal to promote not only its editorial content, but also calls for nominations, events and videos as well.”

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Publisher of Raleigh business paper to retire


Charlene Grunwaldt, the publisher of the Triangle Business Journal since it was acquired by American City Business Journals, plans to retire at the end of the year, according to a story on its Web site. A replacement has not been named.

The story states, “Grunwaldt began her career with ACBJ, publisher of 40 weekly business journals in markets across the nation, in 1986 in the circulation department of The Charlotte Business Journal. Within three years, she had risen to fill two management positions simultaneously – circulation director and business manager.

“ACBJ closed on the acquisition of Triangle Business Journal, then known as Triangle Business, on Oct. 31, 1991, and Grunwaldt was named publisher. The journal since has charted consistent growth.

“‘Throughout her tenure as publisher, Char has worked tirelessly to make Triangle Business Journal a respected voice in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill community,’ Shaw said. ‘Clearly, she has succeeded on every count.’

“‘The Triangle market has proved to be one of ACBJ’s stronger markets, and that’s a tribute to the dynamic business community in which it’s been my pleasure to live and work for the past 19 years,’ said Grunwaldt.”

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Changing an online content strategy


Kevin Bumgarner, the editor of the Pacific Business News, an American City Business Journals paper in Honolulu, writes about how the weekly paper is changing its online news strategy.

Bumgarner writes, “On Oct. 7, Pacific Business News will debut the biggest changes to our online content since we started putting news on our website.

“Instead of writing brief stories about news that breaks ahead of our weekly print edition, we will begin to take a more in-depth approach to our online news.

“We know you already depend on us to give you the daily business news happenings in Hawaii, so we’ll expand that effort. Every announcement we get will be summarized and posted immediately at www.pacificbusinessnews.com under our Latest News header, giving you the most comprehensive collection of business news headlines on the Islands. We’ll also give you plenty of links so you know where you can go if you want more than a quick summary.

“When the news warrants, we’re going to start adding packages of exclusive online-only content. The look of these offerings will change with the day’s news, but you can expect to find more web-only art and instant poll questions in addition to fully reported stories that follow news from start to finish. We also know that, in addition to breaking business news, you’re interested in news about local personalities, consumer brands and significant local happenings beyond the world of business, so we’re going to start giving you more of this, too.”

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ACBJ executive Bernhard announces retirement



Kent Bernhard Sr., the longtime vice president of editorial at American City Business Journals, announced his retirement to the staff on Friday afternoon, Talking Biz News has learned.

Bernhard will stay with the Charlotte-based company until Nov. 1. No replacement has been named yet.

He oversees news and editorial operations of American City’s 40 metropolitan business newspapers, as well as the company’s editorial research, business data collection operations and Washington bureau. He also previously oversaw editorial content of bizjournals.com’s network of World Wide Web sites.

Bernhard, a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, began his career with Gannett Inc., and then served as a reporter, city editor and assistant managing editor for The Chicago Daily News. After working in Chicago, he joined Knight Ridder Inc., holding positions that included editor of The Charlotte News, news editor of Knight-Ridder’s Washington Bureau and vice president and executive editor of the Detroit Free Press.

After leaving Knight-Ridder, Bernhard was an owner and CEO of a holding company with weekly newspapers and specialty publications in the Middle Atlantic, Southeast and Texas.

He joined Shaw Publishing, a predecessor of American City, in 1989 as president and publisher of Leader Newspapers Inc. in Charlotte and moved to American City five years later.

Ex-reporter barred from Milwaukee business newspaper


Pete Millard, a former real estate reporter at the Milwaukee Business Journal, has been barred from the offices of the weekly paper and from contacting its workers, reports Michael Horne of Milwaukee magazine.

Horne writes, “Last week, Millard appeared in Milwaukee County Circuit Court to face a request for a harassment restraining order. The petitioner alleging harassment isn’t named in court records, but court minutes show that Business Journal publisher Mark Sabljak was present at the hearing to testify in favor of the order. The judge granted the order, which will last four years and prohibits Millard from contacting Business Journal employees or setting foot on the weekly’s premises. He’s also banned from possessing a firearm and was required to hand all of his guns over to the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department.

“Millard was dismissed from the Business Journal without public comment in June. In August, Pressroom Buzz reported that Millard, 57, was arrested in May on several misdemeanor alcohol, drug and weapons charges in Grant County, including operating a firearm while intoxicated, carrying a handgun where alcohol is sold or consumed, driving while intoxicated, possession of THC (an active ingredient in marijuana) and possession of drug paraphernalia. The Grant County Sheriff’s Department also accused Millard of having both open intoxicants and an uncased gun in his vehicle and refusing to take a sobriety test. He pleaded not guilty to the charges in July.

“The sheriff’s department caught up with Millard, according to a Dubuque Telegraph-Herald story based on police reports, after someone called in to report that a man was shooting off a gun near Ally Oop’s Bar in Livingston, Wis. Police alleged Millard was driving a 2006 Dodge Durango on a county road. A search of the SUV reportedly uncovered marijuana, the drug paraphernalia, a Glock .45-caliber handgun and two loaded magazines. Patrons at the bar also told police that Millard had ‘displayed the handgun’ there prior to his arrest.”

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How biz journalism has changed in dealing with PR folks


Chris Rauber, a reporter for the San Francisco Business Times, writes about how business journalism has changed and is more opinionated, particularly when it is dealing with companies.

Rauber writes, “This came up just yesterday, when I was excoriated by an experienced PR guy for referring to his company’s name as ‘unwieldy’ in print.

“(Go on, Google it. Be my guest. That’s part of the point: in a world dominated, at least for now, by Google, we’re drowning in facts, data and untethered opinion, all of which can be found via Google in a New York minute. That’s where ‘informed observation’ comes in. Readers increasingly want me and other journalists to act like human beings, tell the story as best we can, and not to pretend we’re objective machines totally above and beyond the fray.)

“So, here’s the point: the company’s name IS unwieldy. I could do a survey, ask thousands of people, and assuming they knew the meaning of the word ‘unwieldy’ or had it explained to them, they’d agree with me. Company names/brands like Coca-Cola, IBM, Apple, Google, Yahoo, Fireman’s Fund, Cigna, etc., work. People understand them. They appeal to people.

“‘The Blah Blah Blah Boring Hard to Understand Company Inc.,’ as a moniker, not so much.

“According to my editors, and our parent company, part of my job now as a reporter is to make that kind of point. Because it’s true and I know it’s true, without doing lots of superfluous research, or calling an ‘expert’ to ask if it is. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, well….. you know the rest of the story.”

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Crawford named editor of Birmingham Business Journal


Cindy Crawford has been named editor of the Birmingham Business Journal, an American City Business Journal paper.

She replaces Craig Ey, who has become editor of the chain’s Philadelphia paper.

A story on the Birmingham paper’s site states, “Crawford has been a journalist for more than 12 years, including nine years as a reporter at the Birmingham Post-Herald, the Waterbury Republican-American in Connecticut and the Daytona Beach News-Journal in Florida.

“A Tuscaloosa native, Crawford is a graduate of the University of Alabama with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in music. She is married to James Crawford and has two children, William, 3, and Allison, eight months.

“‘I have always loved the Birmingham area and have enjoyed getting to know the business community in the last three and a half years,’ Crawford said. ‘I look forward to continuing to make the Birmingham Business Journal a must-read product of breaking local business news in print and on the web.’”

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How business journalism has changed in 30 years


Kevin Gale, the editor of the South Florida Business Journal, writes about how business journalism has changed in the 30 years that the weekly paper has been published.

Gale writes, “How much has business journalism changed in the 30 years since this business journal began? Try getting a stock quote on deadline at 9 p.m. in the 1980s.

“There wasn’t a website to punch in the ticker symbol, so I once resorted to calling directory assistance and asking for the number of Merrill Lynch in Honolulu. Thankfully, an amused receptionist gave me the answer.

“While there’s an ever-increasing array of information sources now – I listen to CNBC and Bloomberg on satellite radio in my car – 1980 was a pivotal year for local business news for South Florida.

“That’s when the Miami Business Journal joined the growing ranks of similar publications across the country. (It wasn’t until three years later that we became the South Florida Business Journal.)”

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