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Tacoma paper to cut stock listings


The Tacoma News Tribune joins the long list of newspapers cutting its stock listings.

Stock listingsExecutive editor Dave Zeeck writes, “What this means for The News Tribune is that we’re looking at ways to trim costs, shooting for things that will impact customers the least.

“We’ve made two decisions that will show up soon.

“Next Saturday there will be two fewer pages of week — ending stock reports. Newspapers all over America, including us, have trimmed back stocks in our daily business pages –- to almost no reader reaction. That’s because almost all active investors watch their stocks on the Internet these days.

“The pages we keep will focus on the most actively traded stocks and the most widely held mutual funds.”

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New Globe "Money & Careers" section has new pages, cuts stocks


The Sunday Boston Globe business section, which combines its Money section with its Careers section, will cut its printed stock and mutual fund listings for two new pages, MarketWeek and MoneyWeek.

Boston GlobThe MarketWeek page offers readers a summary of the most interesting market activity for the week, including short stories on five companies with significant stock price movement up or down. It also lists the top gaining and losing stocks nationally and in Massachusetts. Graphics show major market indices both for the previous 90 days and the previous week. Four overseas markets are charted as well: Frankfurt, London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

The MoneyWeek page will help people manage their money by providing a host of key economic indicators and market rates all in one place. Economic indicators include the prices of oil, gold, and milk; the unemployment rate; and the change in consumer prices. Interest rates include popular loans and investments such as mortgages, home equity loans, CDs, and money market accounts.

The page will also list 25 currency rates to help people considering a trip overseas. A significant portion of the page will be devoted to presenting the performance of the 50 most popular mutual funds in the U.S.

Other new features include a careers column that takes a look at people with unusual jobs; a consumer alert column that answers questions from readers; and a new spending feature where the Globe will test and rate products.

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Boston Globe to combine Sunday business section with careers section


The Sunday Boston Globe will combine its Business & Money and Careers section into one on April 20, according to an announcement in Sunday’s paper. It’s also dropping its Sunday stock listings.

Boston GlobeThe story stated, “By bringing together these two sections, readers will be able to catch up on investing news and career advice in one convenient place.

“The section, to be called Money & Careers, will continue to highlight consumer news and feature columnists Scott Kirsner, Maggie Jackson, and Robert Weisman.

“Money & Careers also will feature a new two-page package of stories and graphics highlighting the most significant investing events of the week. The presentation will replace the Globe’s stock and mutual fund listings.

“The first page of the new package, called MarketWeek, will summarize activity in the world’s major markets and focus in on five companies whose stocks posted major gains or losses for the week, in addition to listing the biggest gainers and losers both nationally and locally.”

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Sacramento Bee to change stock listings again


Armando Acuña, the public editor of the Sacramento Bee, writes Sunday that the paper will change its stock listings once again, but hasn’t decided what it’s going to do. 

Stock listingsAcuña writes, “Now The Bee is on the verge of redesigning its stock page, with one substantial difference: It has solicited readers’ opinions.

“For several days, the Business section has published a mail-in survey asking readers to rate the usefulness of items now listed, such as stock recaps, stocks of local interest, mutual funds, gainers and losers, commodities, interest rates, foreign exchange rates, etc.

“What would you add? readers were asked.

“Several hundred have mailed or faxed their responses.

“So far, according to Business Editor Cathie Anderson, there’s little interest in continuing stocks of local interest as a separate listing or coverage of metals and commodities markets. What people want more of are listings of mutual funds and individual stocks.

“Anderson said after the results are compiled (the deadline was last Friday), she will meet with senior editors and they will decide what to do.”

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Washington state paper cuts stock listings


The Columbian daily newspaper, which covers Vancouver, Wash., is cutting back on the printed stock listings in both its daily and Sunday newspapers, according to a short item on Tuesday.

Stock listingsStaff writer Julia Anderson wrote, “Today, The Columbian is reducing its package of stocks and investment news from two pages to one as a way of addressing rising print production costs. Called Money & Markets, the page — prepared by The Associated Press — contains more than 100 stocks our readers regularly follow, along with a selection of business news briefs, T-bill and bond rates, commodities prices, and a roundup of global markets and foreign currency rates.

“In addition, changes are being made to the Sunday business section, which will now contain mutual fund listings only.

“For up-to-the-minute stock and mutual fund information, go to www.columbian.com, and, under the Local Business header, click on “stocks.â€?”

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Colorado Springs paper moves biz section into metro


The Colorado Springs Gazette will move its business section into its metro section beginning Tuesday, writes editor Jeff Thomas in Sunday’s paper.

Colorado Springs GazetteThomas wrote, “The Business section will move into the Metro section. The move saves newsprint, and it gives business a later deadline, so news can be updated later in the evening.

“On Saturdays, stocks and mutual-fund listings will be replaced with a page of market summaries, as is done currently Tuesdays-Fridays.”

Read more here. The Colorado Springs paper joins a number of other papers, including the Dayton Daily News, Akron Beacon Journal, Orange County Register and Denver Post, that have cut their standalone business sections since the beginning of 2007.

Avoiding the fate of the dinosaurs


Donald Blount, the managing editor of the Stockton Record, writes Sunday about the calls the paper has received in the wake of cutting stock listings in the business section.

Stock listingsBlount wrote, “For the past few weeks, Deputy Metro Editor Barbara Zumwalt, who coordinates our business coverage, and I have taken calls each day from readers upset over the elimination of daily stock listings.

“Daily stocks have been disappearing from newspapers for years as the publications have gotten smaller and sources such as the Internet and business news television networks have made stock listings more available.

“Yet one reader was quite clear as we discussed this.

“He said: ‘Maybe I’m a dinosaur, but I don’t have a computer to check my stocks.’ He didn’t want to check his stocks online.”

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South Carolina paper to cut standalone business section, stock listings


The Hilton Head Island Packet in South Carolina will cut its standalone business section and the stock and mutual fund listings in its business section, beginning next Tuesday, according to a story Saturday.

Hilston Head Island PacketThe story stated, “Most notably, there will be fewer stocks and mutual fund listings — we’ll have one page of listings instead of three. That page and a second one, which will carry business stories from the Lowcountry and elsewhere, will be in the A section, the first section of the newspaper, rather than in a separate section as before.

“The New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ stocks listed will be the most actively traded for the previous day; the mutual funds the largest ones ranked by asset size.

“At the same time, we’re offering you a much better way to get significantly more information about your investments — from our Web site: islandpacket.com.

“We’re making these changes for a number of reasons. Like most other newspapers, the Packet is trying to reduce expenses at a time when regional and national economies are languishing. Newsprint is one of the biggest expenses for a newspaper. We want to use it wisely –particularly in times of economic malaise.”

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California paper cuts standalone section, stock listings


The Stockton Record, an Ottaway newspaper, is cutting its daily business section and its stock listings, according to a story in Thursday’s paper.

Stockton RecordJoe Goldeen wrote, “A weekly wrap-up of stocks and mutual funds will appear in Sunday’s standalone Money section.

“With so many alternatives available to avid stock watchers, such as 24-hour cable TV business channels and Internet access, The Record is attempting to make better use of the space taken up by the daily listings.

“Readers will first notice the stock listings change in Tuesday’s edition.

“The Money section itself will be combined with Local news and appear six days a week in the second half of the B section. It will continue to remain a separate section on Sundays.”

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New Mexico newspaper cuts stock listings


The Las Cruces Sun-News in Mexico is cutting its stock listings, according to a short story in Wednesday’s paper.

Stock listingsThe story stated, “We hope the information provided to our business readers will help you get a comprehensive, quick picture of the day’s market activity.

“No longer will we run complete listings for mutual funds and other stocks. Rather, we will provide a ‘Market in Review’ with highlights of the day’s trades and a short listing of stocks of local interest. Indeed, if there’s a particular listing you would like to see in the daily print report, e-mail us at lpeerman@lcsun-news.com. This will allow us to remain the news and information leader in our community.

“As a continuing service to you, complete stocks and mutual funds reports can be found on our Web site at lcsun-news.com. In addition to market information, you will find a complete report of the day’s business news, including analysis and commentary.”

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