Humanizing the cyber security beat

New York-based Bloomberg News reporter Dune Lawrence has been helping Bloomberg break news since 2004, when she joined the company, reporting on stocks and investors. She now covers hacking and cyber security. More »

Making business news and information light and approachable

San Francisco Chronicle designer Christopher T. Fong chatted with Matt Petty, creative director of the San Francisco Business Times, which launches their redesign today. Petty joined the weekly business publication in December 2013 More »

Telling the story behind the headlines

Mary Huss, the publisher of the San Francisco Business Times, writes about the redesign of the paper. Huss writes, “This is much more than a redesign. It is a re-imagination of our More »

Bartiromo speaks to Forbes about leaving CNBC

Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo reveals why she left CNBC, how she deals with critics in the social media age and how she defines success in an interview with Moira Forbes More »

Deadline Club names business reporting finalists

The Deadline Club, the largest chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, announced the finalists in the 2014 Annual Awards Contest, representing excellence in journalism from newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the More »


Talking Biz News Today — April 1, 2014


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Talking Biz News Today — March 31, 2014


Business news headlines for Monday:


How the growing GM recall is being covered


General Motors Co. announced yet another recall, adding to the totals this year as new Chief Executive Mary Barra works to stem the bad press from the company’s handling of problems. The move comes before Barra testifies in front of Congress this week, giving lawmakers even more ammunition in questioning her.

economic data

How to take the economy’s measure


An economist told business and financial journalists Saturday to beware of aggregated data because sometimes it hides important trends.

Money Under 30

Blogging and business journalism


Financial blogging is like gambling: You can never predict when it’s going to take off.

Quartz tablet

Making business journalism that doesn’t taste like medicine


Delivering informative news and not making it taste like medicine is one of the key challenges of business journalism.

financial bubble

Business journalism and corporate fraud


For business journalists, catching crooked companies requires skepticism and close attention to the details that should cause hesitation, said journalists in a workshop Saturday.

Factory Man

Daily writing is a sprint, but book writing is a marathon


For journalists used to the sprint of daily newswriting, writing a book can seem like a brutal marathon, a panel of journalists said Friday.

Michael Lewis

Lewis, SABEW winner, finds stories in markets


Everything is a market to best-selling author Michael Lewis.


Talking Biz News Today — March 28, 2014


Today’s top stories in business journalism: