Liz Hester

Liz Hester

Liz Hester is a former vice president of internal communications at JP Morgan Chase. Before that, Hester was a reporter on the finance team at Bloomberg News, where she covered Wall Street banks and initial public offerings, among other beats. She has a bachelor’s degree from Wake Forest University and a master’s degree from Northwestern University. Hester will be the primary writer for Talking Biz 2.

Latest Stories by Liz Hester

  • Ford CEO speeds up departure

    Ford Motor Co. CEO Alan Mulally is leaving earlier than expected, news reports said Monday. The company is naming a long-term employee as the next in line for the top job. I’m sure General Motors is excited the news isn’t about them. Mike Ramsey had this story for the Wall Street Journal: Ford Motor Co.

  • The battle rages for attention online

    There were several stories this weekend highlighting what various companies are doing to try and gain influence with online audiences. While none of the stories were alike, it seemed that they all had an element of grasping for attention in an increasingly crowded market. The Wall Street Journal had this story by Ian Sherr and

  • Virtu IPO pulled

    The fall-out from Michael Lewis’s new book on high speed trading was too much for Virtu Financial Inc. The company postponed its initial public offering Thursday. The move came as other recent IPOs have gotten off to rocky starts. Bloomberg had this story by Leslie Picker and Sam Mamudi: Virtu Financial Inc., the high-frequency trader

  • Google has rare stumble

    The company is so ubiquitous that its name is a verb. But being part of the lexicon isn’t a pathway to riches. What’s most interesting about Google’s earnings this quarter is the business media’s portrayal of a 19 percent rise in revenue as a misstep. Rolfe Winkler and Alistair Barr wrote for the Wall Street

  • GM still in the news

    General Motors Co. continues to make headlines as Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra deals with the aftermath of recalls and public relations crises. Last week, two top employees were suspended, while Tuesday there were several more follow-up stories about what’s going on at the automaker. Jeff Bennett wrote for the Wall Street Journal that GM