Welcome to Talking Biz 2, a business journalism website that builds on UNC-Chapel Hill professor Chris Roush’s nationally known Talking Biz News.

This site will provide a forum for discussion and attention to issues and accuracy in business reporting. Readers and contributors will engage in enlightened and informed debate to delve into the coverage of the complex business journalism issues of our times.

The site will examine coverage through a combination of short observational posts, in-depth analysis, interviews and moderated contributions of opinions, examples, background context or other information from readers.

Here are our goals. Talking Biz 2 will:

  • Generate robust online conversations among business leaders, reporters, public relations professionals, business journalism students and citizens.
  • Increase understanding of business journalism issues by providing a platform for a broad range of voices to be heard.
  • Promote accountability and accuracy in the coverage of major business issues.

We have assembled an experienced team of regular writers and commentators, but the site will also take contributions from others.

Learn more about the Talking Biz News 2 Authors: