WSJ’s Arends goes against the herd


Pamela Yellen of The Huffington Post writes that Wall Street Journal personal finance reporter Brett Arends is the best in the field.

Yellen writes, “Arends, 43, a personal finance columnist with The Wall Street Journal, often finds himself going against the herd — even at his own newspaper.

“A financial journalist in Europe and the U.S. since the 1990s, Arends writes the daily R.O.I. column for, examining the intersection of personal finance and current affairs. His articles also regularly appear in the print edition of the Journal and at

“Arends notes in the introduction to his 2009 book, Storm Proof Your Money

“‘I never really trust somebody until I’ve heard them say two things: ‘I don’t know’ and ‘I was wrong.’

“Among the recent myth-busting notches on his editorial belt: Ten Stock Market Myths That Just Won’t Die (July 25, 2010); The Ten Biggest Myths About Gold (September 17, 2010); Seven Myths and Realities About Taxes (September 28, 2010); and 10 Market Myths Debunked (October 5, 2011).”

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