WSJ news editor edits his own departure e-mail


Gregory Corcoran, a news editor at The Wall Street Journal, is leaving Dow Jones & Co. after 21 years.

In his departure e-mail on Wednesday, he writes:

In 21 years (EDS: START DATE APRIL 23, 1990), I have worked at the best U.S. newspaper, the best global newswires, the best financial magazine, at a TV station, had an overseas posting and helped start a blog covering M&A, all without ever having to shift my pension plan. Having done all the damage one man can do to an organization, (CAN WE GET A QUOTE FROM A FORMER BOSS CONFIRMING THIS), today is my last deadline at the Journal. (YOU BURIED THE LEDE, MOVE THIS UP)

Having spent half my life at Dow Jones (DON’T THINK YOU ARE 42, SO NEED THE QUALIFIER XXX NEARLY XXX BEFORE HALF), this feels like leaving home: a mixture of excitement at a new career but tinged with the sadness of leaving behind friends who felt more like family.

I ask forgiveness for my many pestering, overanxious edits, and I thank the many editors and reporters who shaped my career and taught me so much about story-telling and the news business.

Our take: An editor who can make fun of themselves is extremely valuable.