WSJ/Dow Jones names Schlesinger as Japan editor in chief



Wall Street Journal managing editor Robert Thomson sent out the following announcement to the paper’s staff on Tuesday:

“I am delighted to announce that Jake Schlesinger will become Japan Editor-in-Chief, heading a joint Newswires and Journal bureau in Tokyo and continuing the international integration of our print, online and wires teams. We are significantly expanding our reporting presence in Asia and will soon launch a Japanese-language website, which will be run by Yumiko Ono, who has done a sterling job as the Journal’s Tokyo Bureau Chief. The new Japanese site will enhance our profile in the region and comes as we are seeing extraordinary growth in, our Chinese-language site.

“The Journal staff in Tokyo will be strengthened by the appointment of Mariko Sanchanta as Jake’s deputy and the Japan News Editor for the newspaper. Mariko, now the FT’s European Editor for corporate news in London, is a Tokyo veteran and was crucial to the early success of the US Edition of the Financial Times, being an influential member of both the print and online teams. She graduated from the College of William & Mary with a double major in Economics and Government.

“Jake, too, has worked in Japan and is the author of Shadow Shoguns, a portrait of the never-been-more-interesting Japanese political system. In August 1996, he returned to the US as a reporter in Washington, where he has most recently been the Bureau’s deputy chief. Prior to joining the Journal, he was a business reporter at the St Petersburg Times and received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Harvard College. In his new capacity, Jake will report to Jason Rogers and Nikhil Deogun.”