WNYC names Zomorodi as ME of New Tech City

Manoush Zomorodi

WNYC announced Tuesday that Manoush Zomorodi will become managing editor of New Tech City, currently a weekly podcast and segment featured on Morning Edition that explores innovation, creativity, technology and the new economy; how the culture of work and society are changing under the influence of technology; and how New York fits into these themes.

Zomorodi will continue to host New Tech City, which she co-created last fall as a freelancer with WNYC producer Charlie Herman.  The new position is effective July 1.

As managing editor, Zomorodi will oversee a new phase of New Tech City, in which WNYC plans to expand the weekly segment into a new programming concept that will first and foremost be a digital media enterprise with videos, live events and other components that break from traditional radio programming.

“I am thrilled that New Tech City has connected with listeners and that WNYC sees an opportunity for the project to become an innovative example of the very transformation that we explore in our segments,” said Zomorodi in a statement  “Understanding how technology is dramatically reshaping New York, and how New York in turn is driving innovation, is vital to understanding our future.  But tech isn’t just about the latest gadget or the start up scene – it’s about how digital age is changing the way we live, work and relate to each other. I am so thrilled to be joining WNYC’s amazing family of storytellers and look forward to growing New Tech City into a bigger tent that can address all of these issues and nuances.

New Tech City launched last fall to explore the tech scene, and innovation more broadly, in the New York City metro region.