WaPo readers upset with biz section errors


Andrew Alexander, the ombudsman for the Washington Post, writes about some recent errors in the business section.

Alexander writes, “On the Wednesday before Christmas, the entire half-page package of listings for the financial markets was repeated from the previous day. Every chart and index, from the Dow Jones Industrials to currency rates to commodities prices, was identical.

“Some readers who rely on the newspaper to track investments expressed irritation and dismay. ‘I find it to be unbelievable that the editing has gotten so thin that something like this can happen,’ wrote Alan Negin of Reston.

“Several others noted that the Federal Employees’ Thrift Savings Plan, listed in each Sunday’s Business section, contained months-old performance ratings from October. ‘This information is of interest to thousands of us active and retired feds,’ wrote District reader Sarah Rouse. ‘Please give us current data.’”

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