Virginian-Pilot introduces new business column

Jamesetta Walker

Jamesetta Walker of the Virginia-Pilot will begin writing a business of life column that will appear in the paper’s Sunday business section.

Walker writes, “Some would say I’m a cheapskate. I’d prefer the terms pragmatic and resourceful. But more on that in tomorrow’s Business section.

“First, a little about me.

“This is my 33rd year being an ultimate Teena Marie fan, 25th year out of high school, 20th professional year as a journalist, 20th year driving the same car (which, for some reason, makes me feel like I’ve been to The Mountaintop), 14th year of marriage (to the same man!), 13th year as a parent (help me, please), bazillionth year loving nearly all things purple and umpteenth year trying to make my kid sister feel guilty for throwing away my pompoms and dollhouse when I left for college.

“I’m not a hoarder, but for darn sure I’m a sentimentalist. And I like to tell stories as much as I like to listen to them.

“Along the way, life and its waves keep me laughing, ranting, praying, crying and cheering.

“Does it do the same for you? If so, let’s talk.

“In this column, I hope to paint a picture of the community’s human tapestry, musing on everything from unsung heroes and family life to the remarkable, the ridiculous, the complex and the quirky.”

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