Update on TheStreet.com


Later this evening TheStreet.com CEO Elisabeth DeMarse and editor in chief Bill Inman will meet with investors and others at The W Hotel in New York to discuss the financial new website’s latest accomplishments and future aspirations.

Talking Biz News asked Inman for an update on what’s happening on the editorial side since he took over in April. Here is what he told us:

Several elements have been put in place.

  •  We recruited a bunch of hungry, talented outside contributors who are hammering out great stories.
  • We’ve increased the number of active blogs, now averaging one to two a week. These have brought in story leads and kicked up page views—in the  case of Apple and Faceblook blogs,  several tens of thousands each.
  • We’re exploring edgier pieces that allow readers to read markets better, anticipate the news. The stories are called Street Whispers.
  • We’re also honing our social media skills, focused on Linked-in, FB and Twitter. Here’s a fine story on hedge funds and the price of corn. And here’s the great tweet that resulted: “Cracked corn; hedge funds don’t care”

So we’ve made solid progress. Long way to go.