TV Week's NewsPro lists most powerful players in TV financial news


The 10 most powerful players in financial news on television were listed in the December issue of TV Week’s NewsPro magazine.

Hillary Atkins writes, “CNBC is, of course, the leader in the field, but it has competitors nipping at its heels, and even some surprising competition at times from television’s longest-running newsmagazine program, ’60 Minutes.’”

In alphabetical order, they are:

1. Maria Bartiromo “the top choice when CEOs want to be interviewed on television.”

2. Bloomberg Television “runs a slate of business shows that explore all aspects of the financial markets, business news and investing.”

3. Margaret Brennan “one of the newer faces making a mark in business television.”

4. Neil Cavuto “an undisputed leader in the world of television business journalism.”

5. CNBC “continues to attract the wealthiest audience in terms of income of any television network in the United States.”

6. Jim Cramer “no one would dispute Jim Cramer’s seriousness of purpose in imparting business and financial information and opinions to his viewers.”

7. Fox Business Network “the new kid on the business block.”

8. Anthony Mason “brings his financial acumen and reporting expertise to the business beat.”

9. “Nightly Business Report” “”covers the biggest stories in business and provides analysis so that viewers can make more informed financial decisions.”

10. “60 Minutes” “at the forefront of covering economic stories in the nation’s heartland and how average citizens have been affected by businesses shutting their doors.”

Read the list here.