Top econ reporters on Twitter


Bonnie Kavoussi of The Huffington Post lists the top 32 economics reporters to follow on Twitter.

She writes, “We can’t blame you for finding the economy complicated. Thankfully, there are good economics reporters available to explain what is happening out there and why. Want easy access to their articles and what they’re reading? Just follow them on Twitter.”

He list includes:

1. Joe Weisenthal, Business Insider;

2. Heidi Moore, The Guardian;

3. Ezra Klein, The Washington Post;

4. Annie Lowrey, The New York Times;

5. Matt O’Brien, The Atlantic;

6. Ryan Avent, The Economist;

7. Jim Tankersley, National Journal;

8. Kevin Roose, New York Magazine;

9. Josh Barro, Bloomberg View;

10. Phil Izzo, Wall Street Journal.

See the entire list here.