The rapidly changing world of tech journalism


Tech journalist Ben Parr writes about how the tech news landscape has been altered so much in the past year and lists all of the changes that have occurred.

Those include:

  • But VentureBeat did lose Matt Lynley to Business Insider in the last few months. He’s been breaking lots of stories over there (did you know that his bonus compensation at Business Insider is based entirely on how many stories he breaks? Lynley is BI’s news hound).
  • Business Insider’s been kicking ass, though. It just got Boonsri Dickinson (SmartPlanet, CNET). She’s someone to watch in the tech media world.
  • Random aside: Bloomberg West launched this year as a news program focused on the valley, and the valley has taken notice. Host Emily Chang and her team are quickly turning that show into a powerhouse.
  • Brian Lam, the Gizmodo editor best known for the iPhone 4 prototype, left the publication this year.
  • But that wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the exodus at Engadget. Editor-in-Chief Joshua Topolsky and half a dozen key players left the blog and started a new one, The Verge. By the way, I love The Verge. It’s such a beautiful website; it reminds me of Engadget during its heyday.

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