The inherent difficulties in business reporting


Sharon Dunn, the business editor of the Greeley Tribune since 2004, writes Sunday about the issues she often faces in tracking down business news.

Dunn writes, “Business owners and corporate executives don’t always want to go public too quickly on new projects. (Just ask Larry Burkhardt at Upstate Colorado Economic Development about how many times he’s had to say ‘no comment’ to me on development rumors). There’s something about letting the cat out of the bag too early that drives many decisions on public disclosure.

“There are executives out there who have to control the flow of information until the time is just right. I guess that’s their prerogative, but I don’t really understand it, especially when projects are in mid-construction.

“Last week, for example, I tried to get information about the Discount Tire being built at 65th Avenue and U.S. 34. Here’s what I do know, from the city of Greeley building inspection division: Discount Tire is being built at 6607 29th St. by Halle Properties LLC, with a valuation of $750,000. All the permitting is in place. Heavy equipment is moving dirt at the property, as well.

“Halle Properties, I learned, is the parent company of Discount Tire, which is a corporate chain with stores all over the country. I tracked down two corporate public relations people in Arizona.”

Read more here. The PR people would not comment for Dunn.