Tampa Tribune cuts printed stock listings


The Tampa Tribune is cutting the amount of stock listings that it prints every day in its business section.

A story on its website states, “It’s a move that enables us to focus our resources on the thing we can do best: local news.

“The decision reflects the changing habits of a growing number of readers. As stock prices change dozens, even hundreds of times during a trading period, more readers are tracking that movement all day, for free, online.

“To find your stock information, go to TBO.com and search “stocks” to find the stocks page. Then enter your stock’s name.

“The Tribune will continue to provide a Local Stocks listing for stocks with high local interest. We will also continue to publish daily snapshots of the market indices at the top of our page so you can easily find the Dow Jones Industrial Average, gold prices and the New York Stock Exchange index, among others.

“Sunday’s Business section, which includes mutual funds listings, will remain the same.”

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