SF Chronicle biz editor resigns for Bloomberg job



Marcus Chan, the business and technology editor at the San Francisco Chronicle, has resigned to become the technology editor for Bloomberg.com next month.

No interim or replacement has been named.

Chan’s jump to Bloomberg raises eyebrows because the Chronicle has an arrangement with Bloomberg to help it produce its business section, which is comprised of regional stories and data produced by the business staffs of The Chronicle and Bloomberg.

However, Ward Bushee, the editor of the Chronicle, said, “There will be no change in our partnership with Bloomberg” in an e-mail to Talking Biz News.

Bloomberg’s 50-person San Francisco news bureau coordinates daily with The Chronicle’s news staff to produce the daily business section. The collaboration includes content sharing on SFGate.com and the Bloomberg.com Web sites.

Chan became the business editor a year ago. Chan had been multimedia and database editor at the paper from January 2006 to October 2009, when he became technology editor. He had also been technology editor at the paper from January 2005 to December 2005.

He gets high marks from reporters and colleagues at the paper for his line editing and for pushing the paper into new media.

Talking Biz News interviewed Chan back in February about his job and the Bloomberg relationship.