Reuters News & Insights goes behind paywall


Thomson Reuters News & Insight content will be available exclusively on WestlawNext, as part of its Practitioner Insights offering, later this month.

On June 21, the Thomson Reuters News & Insight website, iPhone app and newsletters will be discontinued.

A company statement states,”When we launched News & Insight, our focus was on providing current awareness content that was tailored for a legal professional, combining world-class journalism with legal analysis and tools to help customers identify opportunities that will drive their success. Practitioner Insights on WestlawNext is an important step forward in this vision, with actionable current awareness that is integrated into the everyday workflow of WestlawNext customers.”

The statement later adds, “Practitioner Insights are practitioner-focused pages on WestlawNext that bring legal professionals the exclusive current-awareness information and analysis that they need to stay up to speed and lead in their practice area. Each page is maintained by a dedicated team of attorney editors who monitor a specific practice area and curate breaking business news, exclusive insight and analysis from industry experts, as well as the most comprehensive collection of litigation materials and primary legal content, to ensure that WestlawNext customers will be the first to know about actionable emerging developments that matter to them and their clients.”

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