Remembering Business Week's glory


Michael Johnson of American Spectator writes Tuesday about BusinessWeek‘s heyday, which he argues occurred under editor Lew Young.

Johnson writes, “This was 1976-1981, a period when the magazine was a beacon of national and international business trends. Business Week was must-read material for executives who wanted their news in perspective. Washington political figures also followed the magazine, and many, including Henry Kissinger, were accessible to its dynamic 30-person Washington bureau.

“The late editor Lew Young was an international power himself, attracting top business executives to his off-the-cuff speeches and his road show presentations with key staffers. He was a regular on NBC’s ‘Today Show,’ interpreting economic trends in his salty locutions.

“Young invested heavily in foreign coverage, adding new bureaus and personally prodding his reporters to go after exclusive stories. Although no intellectual, he was on friendly personal terms with such thoughtful leaders as Felix Rohatyn and Pete Peterson.”

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