Reading stories that only magazines can convey


Amy Chozick of The New York Times writes about the new magazine from Bloomberg LP called Bloomberg Pursuits.

Chozick writes, “Pursuits (which has the same name as a short-lived Wall Street Journal weekend leisure section) will be sent to 375,000 readers, with 60 percent of those living outside the United States, the company said. That demographic influenced features in the first issue, like one about wealthy Chinese buying vineyards in the Bordeaux region of France.

“‘Our readers spend a lot of time in the electronic world, but when it comes to lifestyle, it’s wonderful to sit back and read stories in a way only magazines can convey,’ said Michael Dukmejian, publisher of Bloomberg Markets and Bloomberg Pursuits.

“Bloomberg Markets and Pursuits have their own staff but will share resources with the wider company. (It’s separate from Businessweek, Bloomberg’s weekly magazine sold on newsstands and through traditional subscriptions.)

“Mr. Dukmejian said that Pursuits had its readers in mind and that he wasn’t worried that the conspicuous consumption celebrated in the magazine might seem tone-deaf.”

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