Quartz names new senior Asia correspondent

Adam Pasick

Kevin Delaney, the editor of the business news site Quartz, sent out the following staff announcement on Thursday morning:

I’m very pleased to welcome Adam Pasick as our new senior Asia correspondent.

Adam has been online managing editor at New York Magazine since 2010, where he’s helped drive the impressive success of nymag.com and its must-read Daily Intel blog.

Adam will move to Bangkok in March, and from there contribute to our coverage of the region and overnight global news. He will be both writing and editing.

In 2010, Adam worked at Atlantic Media in DC on the first, unlaunched iteration of the Quartz project headed by Michael Kinsley. As a result, Adam knows deeply Atlantic Media and its thinking about covering global business news.

Prior to that, he had a series of important jobs at Reuters, including as US editor of Reuters.com, where he managed the site’s homepage team and championed multimedia and social media efforts. Adam was Reuters’ Deals editor and launched a successful M&A section on its site, and spent several years in London as Reuters’ UK media correspondent.

Adam also has the curious distinction of being Reuters’ bureau chief for several years in the virtual world Second Life, where his intrepid (and surreal?) journalistic achievements included an interview with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. (For those who missed Second Life, it was a big deal back in the day, trust me.)

At Quartz, we’re looking to Adam to bring the same journalistic creativity and entrepreneurialism to our coverage and to our successful email newsletter offering.

Please join me in welcoming him. Adam will start March 1 and work with us here for a few weeks before moving. He’s @adampasick—please start following him in the meantime.