Pulitzer winner lands job at consulting firm

Lisa Getter

Lisa Getter, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who was laid off from Bloomberg Government at the beginning of the year, is now working as the managing director of external communications at Invictus Consulting Group LLC.

“It’s a very good company,” said Getter in a phone conversation with Talking Biz News on Thursday morning. “I started last week.”

Getter had been at Bloomberg Government for slightly more than two years. While there, she led a team of economists, financial and policy analysts exploring the business implications of government actions on taxes and the financial sector. She was responsible for editing and conception of in-depth papers and shorter analytical insights on Dodd-Frank, Basel, corporate taxes, the budget, housing and the U.S. economy.

Before that, she was editorial director and publisher at UCG, a company that publishes industry newsletters. She was publisher and editor in the financial services division, co-creator of www.fincriadvisor.com, a financial crisis website, and Bank Safety & Soundness Advisor, a newsletter for community banks.

“I learned a lot about community banking when I created a newsletter aimed at them at UCG,” said Getter. “I took that knowledge to Bloomberg Government, so in some ways this is a really good progression for someone like me who was an investigative reporter and then learned the business end of publishing. It’s a very good progression of my skills.”

Invictus provides a stress test product to community banks. Getter says she will oversee the company’s communications and editing.

Getter worked as a reporter for The Miami Herald for 16 years. While there, she won a Pulitzer as part of a team that uncovered massive voter fraud in the race for Miami’s mayor and another Pulitzer as part of the team that covered Hurricane Andrew. She also worked as an investigative reporter for the Los Angeles Times for seven years.