Orange County Register restores standalone business section


Mary Ann Milbourn of the Orange County Register reports Tuesday that her newspaper, which dropped its standalone business section last year, is now bringing it back.

Milbourn writes, “Currently called Marketplace, the section will be renamed Business.

“Readers will get the new stand-alone Business section Thursday through Sunday. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the Business section will continue to be included in the main News section where it was moved a year ago as one of several cost-cutting measures.

“The Register is making some production changes that will allow it to restore the stand-alone section four days a week. Thursday through Sunday was selected because those are the Register’s highest readership and advertising days.

“‘Readers have told us that local news and advertising are priorities and that they prefer a separate Business section,’ said Chris Meyer, the Register’s deputy editor who oversees business coverage. ‘This reconfiguration enables us to deliver on those desires.’”

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