Orange County Register cuts daily standalone biz section


The Orange County Register is cutting its daily, standalone business section at the end of the month, according to a story in Monday’s newspaper.

Orange County RegisterMary Ann Milbourn wrote, “The Orange County Register is moving most of its business news into the main section of the newspaper at the end of January as part of a series of initiatives announced by the company this month.

“The changes, which will begin Jan. 30, are being made in response to the challenges facing newspapers in this digital age – declining circulation, a loss of advertising, high newsprint costs and an increasing demand for instantaneous access to news.

“‘Shifting our business coverage into News is driven by a need to be more efficient in the type of news we publish in our newspaper versus online,’ said Terry Horne, Register president and publisher. ‘The Marketplace pages within the News section will continue to provide useful information on what’s happening in the business community, why it’s happening, how it affects Orange County.’

“Business news, now in the Register’s separate Marketplace section, will appear inside the main section Monday through Saturday. Listings of stocks and mutual funds will largely be eliminated, except for local stocks and market summaries. The Business Monday tabloid will also be dropped after Jan. 28. Only on Sundays will a stand-alone Marketplace section be published.”

Read more here. The Register is the largest U.S. newspaper to have cut its standalone business section.