Lizzie O’Leary leaving CNN


Television business journalist Lizzie O’Leary is leaving CNN to take care of an illness, reports Dylan Byers of Politico.

Byers writes, “Lizzie O’Leary — CNN aviation and regulation correspondent, Jeapordy! Power Players wunderkind, and a friend to many Beltway journos — is leaving the network due to her ongoing struggles with severe endometriosis, a female health disorder.

“‘I’m sick, and I’m leaving to work on getting better,’ she told POLITICO this afternoon.

“CNN had given O’Leary several months’ leave to deal with her health, which has yet to improve. She will now focus on getting better before resuming with her career. Her spirits remain high.”

Read more here. O’Leary joined CNN in 2010 from Bloomberg Television. She reported on U.S. transportation, including air, rail, maritime and space, in addition to covering the agencies in Washington that have a daily impact on the lives of Americans.