Fox Biz responds to Bill Press comment in article


Brian Stelter of the New York Times writes for Monday’s paper about how Fox Business Network now has two shows with a Libertarian bent, including a new one that started Saturday featuring Judge Andrew Napolitano, and quotes liberal commentator Bill Press as saying that the moves are designed to make Fox Business “a second propaganda channel.”

Stelter writes, “Mr. Napolitano seems to be part of a retooling at Fox Business, which started in 2007 as a competitor to CNBC. Fox Business, which has had trouble finding a loyal audience, does not subscribe to full Nielsen ratings. Saying it has had a ‘horrible time getting ratings,’ Mr. Press said, ‘I think they’ve just decided to make it the second propaganda channel.’

“Fox did not respond to his comments.

“Among other recent changes, Fox Business has added Charlie Gasparino, formerly of CNBC, and Gerri Willis, formerly of CNN, to support its business news regimen. Fox Business says ‘Freedom Watch’ will address business topics, too, like economic liberties and consumer rights.”

Read more here. The Times did not get a comment from Fox Business, but Talking Biz News did and shot it right back at Press.

A spokeswoman stated, “If anyone is familiar with being a ratings killer it’s Bill Press who hasn’t been able to maintain a steady hosting job on television since being dumped by CNN in 2002 and having his show canceled by MSNBC in 2003.”