No outs or shortcuts in business journalism

Kayla Tausche2

CNBC reporter Kayla Tausche spoke with Daily Tar Heel staffer Karen Gil about her career and hoe she got started.

Here is an excerpt:

DTH: What were your journalism experiences prior to entering the workforce?

KT: I took every internship I could, at every juncture, and that really helped me figure out what exact niche of the journalism world.

I can honestly say I’ve worked in nearly every facet of news gathering and producing there is … I didn’t have to spend time eliminating opportunities because I had been able to figure out what I didn’t want to do.

DTH: What advice do you have for journalism students?

KT: No job is too small, and humility goes a long way. My first job out of college was at a tiny, investor-focused newswire hidden in a downtown loft under the Financial Times umbrella. Most of what I wrote was never read, to be honest. But then one day I came across a big story and broke it wide open — and then I was asked to go on television to talk about it.

DTH: What is the hardest part of your job?

KT: Managing one’s expectations. As someone with a print background, I have a natural itch to make every story a 10-page, Vanity Fair-esque expose, when in reality, it must be boiled into a 120-second video package.

Know what your best work looks like and how to get there. And then put the pen down.

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