Motley Fool looking for bloggers to write about stocks and markets


The Motley Fool is a month or two away from rolling out a blog network covering the worlds of investing and business.  Its goal is to attract the best and brightest contributors and to make the blogging process as easy as possible.

Bloggers will be able to post as often as they’d like, cross-post from their own blog, and get paid in the process — or choose to donate to charity.

Further, posts contributed to the network could be distributed to the major finance sites — Yahoo! Finance, AOL DailyFinance, MSN Money, CNNMoney, and more — and can be featured on and in its emails that are sent to millions of registered users.

The Alexandria, Va.-based company is still hammering out the details of the network — it should be rolling out an early version in a month or so.

If you are interested in taking part, send an e-mail to Roger Friedman, president of the Motley Fool Blog Network, at Tell him that you saw this post on Talking Biz News.