launches section on retirement

Marketwatch Retirement, the business and financial news site operated by Dow Jones & Co., announced Wednesday the launch of MarketWatch Retirement.

Featuring news, advice and analysis targeted toward people saving for retirement, those who should be, and those already retired, the section brings together the expertise of MarketWatch’s retirement reporters and columnists, as well as coverage from The Wall Street Journal and, two other business news properties that are part of Dow Jones.

“Each day for the next two decades, people will be stepping into a retirement altogether different from that of their parents’ generations,” said Jonathan Krim, acting editor of MarketWatch, which generates nearly 15 million unique visitors per month, in a statement. “The depth of this new section makes it an indispensible resource for people to make smart, thoughtful steps to maximize their resources for the future.”

The new section includes columns from journalists, including Robert Powell’s ‘Retirement Portfolio’ and Andrea Coombes’ ‘Working Retirement;’ an expanded Encore blog, highlighting news and information for retirement savers and retirees; columns from RetireMentors, financial professionals with perspectives on best ways to navigate retirement; and how-to guides on investing, health-care, managing 401(k)s and credit.