Maria Bartiromo talks about success and mentors


Emma Johnson of Success magazine profiles CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo in the latest issue, focusing on her hard work and the steps she took to get where she is today.

Johnson writes, “Bartiromo followed her passions — another ingredient in her recipe for success — and also sought advice from people she respected. Among them was Kitty Pilgrim, a veteran reporter and anchor at CNN, who told her to visualize where she wanted to be in five years and work toward that goal. Meantime, climbing the ladder at CNNfn, she was promoted to senior producer, which was as high as she could go unless she made the leap to an on-air position. Bartiromo could indeed see herself as a reporter. Strategizing how to make the transition, she enlisted crew members to shoot mock standups, which she used to create a portfolio of work that eventually landed her an on-camera reporting job at CNBC in 1993.

“In her new position, Bartiromo met an important mentor: Jack Welch, then chairman and CEO of General Electric, CNBC’s parent company. Among the many things Welch taught her was to take control of her life — or someone else will. ‘It’s such a basic idea — a centerpiece of success,’ she writes. ‘You can’t go through life thinking that the tide will just move you along and take you where you want to be. You have to swim there.’

“Bartiromo says the advice she received from Pilgrim and Welch has relevance during uncertain times today. Instead of hoping you can hang onto a job or survive the immediate crisis, she suggests focusing on where you want to be in five years, then taking practical steps every day toward that goal. ‘Figure out what you need. Maybe it’s more training or a broader network of colleagues and friends or a mentor. Whatever your specific needs, be proactive,’ she says.”

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