Ken Li, once editor, leaving news organization

Kenneth Li

Kenneth Li, who had been the global editor of and is now an editor at large of the news organization, is leaving.

In a Twitter post, Li wrote, “Working on something hot/cool. Or whatever the millenials call it these days.”

In a message to his colleagues, Li wrote, “They say third time’s the charm. So I am ending my second stint at Reuters this Friday. It’s been an amazing three years, mostly, of big challenges, new ideas and the finest team I have ever worked with. Now it’s time for something new.”

Prior to overseeing the website, Li oversaw coverage of technology, media and telecoms news at Reuters News. He joined Reuters in 2003 and was previously a U.S. media correspondent based in New York covering everything from the big media conglomerates to start-ups.

Li co-founded and co-edited MediaFile, which covers the intersection of media and technology. He has also spent time as a full-time staff writer at the Financial Times, New York Daily News, the Industry Standard, and’s Content.

Li was reprimanded earlier this year for failing to tell his superiors that the home of a now-terminated social media employee had been raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

A number of Reuters journalists were offered buyouts as the news organization seeks to cut 5 percent of its staff.