How the NYSE became a stage for financial news

CNBC set on NYSE floor

Daniel Goodman and Kamelia Angelova of Business Insider write about how the New York Stock Exchange has become ground zero for financial news coverage.

Goodman and Angelova write, “Then in 1995 Maria Bartiromo from CNBC became the first reporter to go live to TV from the floor of the NYSE, marking the beginning of a new era as reporters and traders began to interact regularly during the day and on the news.

“In the past couple years electronic trading has reduced the need for physical traders on the floor, and newscasters have taken over the floor of the Exchange.

“CNBC has its own elaborate set in the place where one of the trading posts stood, and over 30 broadcasters report live from the floor every day, not to mention the many smaller outlets that also cover the Exchange and utilize its multimedia center.

“The evolution of media and technology has transformed the NYSE into the biggest stage for business news. We spoke with journalists on the floor and the people behind the NYSE Multimedia Center about how media reporting from the floor has changed over time and what lies ahead.”

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