Goldman Sachs confronts Bloomberg about reporter snooping


Goldman Sachs brass recently confronted Bloomberg LP due to concerns reporters at the business news service have been using the company’s ubiquitous terminals to keep tabs on some employees of the Wall Street bank, reports Mark De Cambre of the New York Post.

De Cambre writes, “A Goldman spokesman confirmed that Bloomberg was taking steps to address the issue.

“No reporters have lost their jobs as a result of the snooping issues.

“Bloomberg reporters’ ability to access the special so-called customer relationship management (CRM) information features was a holdover from that ’90s era when reporters also worked with the news organizations sales efforts.

“‘Limited customer relationship data has long been available to our journalists, and has never included clients’ security-level data, position data, trading data or messages,’ said Bloomberg spokesman Ty Trippet.

“‘In light of [Goldman’s] concern as well as a general heightened sensitivity to data access, we decided to disable journalist access to this customer relationship information for all clients,’ he noted.”

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