Attorney Glasser leaving Bloomberg

Charles Glasser

Charles Glasser, who began as a reporter and more recently was at Bloomberg News as one of its lead trainers and an in-house lawyer, is leaving the news organization.

In an email to his colleagues Monday morning, Glasser wrote:

Dear Friends: After 12 remarkable years I am leaving Bloomberg News. I’ve been honored to help play a part in building the finest news organization in the world. But alas and alack, being on call 24 hours a day defending reporters around the world, encouraging smarter and clearer journalism, fighting to tell the truth, breaking open secrets that governments and companies prefer to keep secret does take its toll, and it’s time for me for pay more attention to myself. I have no long-term plans at the moment, but wanted to thank all the Bloomberg team for their love and support.

Glasser started as a reporter in his teens and ended up reporting in Nicaragua, El Salvador, England and Spain. Most recently, he traveled the world training reporters and editors of Bloomberg News how to responsibly exercise freedom of speech. In his book, the International Libel and Privacy Handbook, Glasser attempts to demystify the world’s libel laws in an era when all media is global.

Before joining Bloomberg, he represented a wide range of broadcasters, magazines, and newspaper publishers. A former daily newspaper and wire-service journalist, he has litigated many of the issues covered in the International Libel and Privacy Handbook. Glasser has published numerous articles on press law and free speech rights and is admitted to several trial and appellate courts in the United States.