Getting into the trenches

Sue Herera

Michelle Reuter od The Daily Sundail, the student newspaper of Call State-Northridge, writes about CNBC anchor Sue Herera, who spoke on campus.

Reuter writes, “By 1989 FNN’s prospects were failing and Herera thought it best to look for another job. That’s when she was approached to take a position at a new start-up network at NBC

“CNBC was such a new idea, that the network did not think it would be successful. Herera said they would not even allow use of the iconic NBC peacock logo in their promos. Executives feared the new network would damage the image of the multi-colored bird.

“But since then CNBC has been providing business news for more than 20 years.

“After her presentation, the audience was given the opportunity to ask questions. Many people asked her opinion on specific market trends and one professor asked what advice she would give students who want to enter into business news.

“‘One thing that I would say is what they might want to do is take a job on Wall Street for a year or two,’ Herera said. ‘I think if you are considering business news and you want to do the markets then I would advocate learning the way I did, just getting into the trenches and learn it from the floor. If you were interested more in the corporate side of it I would get a job at one of the investment banks and see how their culture works.’”

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