GE CEO backs Bartiromo


General Electric Co. CEO Jeffrey Immelt told Variety that a review was done of the actions of CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo, who took a trip on the Citigroup corporate jet, and her actions have been cleared.

Maria BartiromoGE is the parent company of the business news cable channel.

Michael Learmonth of Variety wrote, “Indeed, GE topper Jeffrey Immelt, who was traveling in the Middle East at the time, was apprised of an internal review conducted by CNBC brass. ‘We completed a review,’ Immelt said Thursday. ‘Substantially, I don’t think she did anything wrong.’

“Moreover, Immelt said he supports Bartiromo’s jet-setting and speaking at corporate events. ‘We encouraged her to do (the trips) to build the brand,’ he said. ‘I support Maria and I support CNBC.’

“Immelt’s remarks came after newly appointed NBC U chief Jeff Zucker told Daily Variety that Bartiromo ‘did nothing wrong’ and said the story is being perpetuated by those ‘jealous of her success.’”

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