Gasparino on the golden erea of the financial media


Fox Business Network‘s Charles Gasparino was interviewed by Benzinga about his love of boxing, his opinions of the financial media and Wall Street.

Here is an excerpt:

The past couple of years have been a golden era for the financial press. What has it been like being on the frontlines?

Charlie Gasparino: I remember when I thought I reached the pinnacle of my career. In 2001 through early 2003 I was at the Wall Street Journal, and I was at the forefront of covering all the major financial scandals.

You know, Elliot Spitzer. He was the New York Attorney General. He was cracking down. This was good stuff – Martha Stewart [and] insider trading, that was the big scandal back then. All the sleazy reports that came out of the tech bubble, and I broke a lot of stories then.

And then 2007 came along and you could almost smell that it was bigger. What was interesting about the financial collapse was just how much the people involved couldn’t believe it was going to happen, and how it just kept getting progressively bigger. All of a sudden you’re staring at it collapse, and Lehman Brothers, right after Bear Stearns, and the whole system coming down.

And then I look back and think, ‘Thank God I covered that. There won’t be any bigger crisis than that.’ But you know, one thing about the financial business, it’s such a major part of our lives, that it’s a big story now. It’s almost as big as government. The economy and finances, in many ways it’s bigger than government.

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