Fox Business Network about to make major hires


Doug Kass of writes that the upcoming Fox Business Network is attempting to woo some major talent away from rival business news network CNBC.

Liz ClamanFox Business Network will launch Oct. 15.

Kass wrote, “The launch appears on target, and Director of Business News Alexis Glick (who will also be on air) is expected to bag CNBC’s Liz Claman and Eric Bolling.

“Also being ‘courted’ are David Faber and Mark Haines and a well-known CNBC political commentator. Attempts to engage Maria ‘Money Honey’ Bartiromo in a multiyear, multimillion dollar deal were squashed, owing to her contractual obligations. (Her CNBC deal expires in 2009.) A half-hour show, ‘The Bear Cave,’ will be introduced in early 2008, featuring a well-known Kodiak. On a separate note, CNBC will be making some important after-market programming changes later this month.”

Read more here. Claman and Bolling have already left CNBC, but can’t join Fox until their non-compete clauses expire.