Former editor finds new job


Evan Hansen, former editor in chief of, has joined Obvious Corp. in charge of editorial oversight, he announced on Thursday.

Mike Isaac of All Things D writes, “Hansen will work specifically on Medium, the pet project of Williams and Stone, which aims to re-think blogging and content platforms.

“‘Our goal is to create new publishing tools and a new kind of content platform that encourages and rewards high quality writing — not just the lastest post at the top of the feed,’ Hansen wrote in an email to friends and colleagues on Thursday.

“Hansen was editor in chief at for more than seven years, and previously was a section editor at CNET news. (Disclosure: Hansen was also my boss when I wrote for Wired before working here at AllThingsD.)

“Hansen’s move is one in a string of recent migrations by journalists into the startup space. New York Times editor David F. Gallagher left the paper to go to Kickstarter earlier this year. And last year saw CNET’s long-time writer Rafe Needleman land at Evernote in a sort of evangelist position, with the intent to expand Evernote’s platform and work with developers.”

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