Former biz reporter appears on Jeopardy

Sarah Shemkus

Sarah Shemkus, a former business reporter for the Cape Cod Times in Massachusetts, appeared on the game show Jeopardy! on Monday.

Cynthia Mccormick of The Times writes, “For viewers Monday night, it was a fast-paced show, as Shemkus correctly answered the first Daily Double and spit out one fact after another.

“Answer: From the Latin for road, it means to depart from the norm. Question: What is ‘deviate’?

“Answer: The history of the Liberty Boston Hotel. Question: What is a prison?

“But after acing a string of posers about authors, a wrong turn on another Daily Double cost Shemkus $4,000.

“Still, the contest was close right up to the end, with host Alex Trebek saying it was a fitting contest to wrap up the year.

“In Final Jeopardy, the category was composers’ birthplaces, and only Menasche was able to match the answer with the correct question: This composer was born in 1811 in a town now in far eastern Austria that at the time belonged to another country.”

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