Forbes online readership up 43% in a year

Forbes web

Lewis Dvorkin, the chief product officer at Forbes, writes about the dramatic increase in the business magazine’s online readership in the past year.

Dvorkin writes, “comScore just released its worldwide numbers, putting Forbes at 24.5 million unique monthly users in January (the green line in the chart below), up 43% from a year earlier. The chart also shows we’ve doubled our audience since June 2010, when we started to transform from a Web site into a publishing platform.

“Everything about our platform is different, from the home page — the digital front door to our brand — to our unique content model. A few months back, I discussed why 1,000 Home Pages were actually better than one in the era of social media. We have 1,000 content creators — journalists, authors, academics, topic experts and business leaders — building individual brands under the FORBES umbrella brand. Yesterday, we launched new home pages, or side doors, for each of them — and our BrandVoice partners, too. These new individualized home pages serve as a jumping off point to a contributor’s posts, photos, videos, comments and more. Here’s my page. My favorite feature is the archive tab, which provides easy access to all my past posts.

“We’re never done releasing new products. Our development road map stretches into 2014. As for the new home pages, we’ll already planning new features and functionality.”

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