Early Loeb winners: NYT’s Sorkin and Pogue


Andrew Ross Sorkin, who covers Wall Street and mergers and acquisitions for The New York Times, is the first winner Tuesday of a Loeb Award, considered the Pulitzer Prizes of business journalism.

Sorkin wins for his book, “Too Big to Fail: The Inside Story of How Wall Street and Washington Fought to Save the Financial System — and Themselves” published by Penguin Group (USA) – Viking.

Another New York Times writer, David Pogue, won in the online commentary and blogging category for his coverage of the tech industry.

The winner in the television breaking news category is Scott Cohn, Mary Thompson, Courtney Ford, Wally Griffith and Molly Mazilu for “The Madoff Scandal” on CNBC.

The winner in the news services category is Greg Gordon, Kevin G. Hall, and Chris Adams for “Goldman, Moody’s and the Collapse of the American Economy” from McClatchy Newspapers.

The winner in the personal finance category is the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Matthew Hathaway, Elizabethe Holland and Jim Gallagher for “From Prison to the Pinnacle.”

UPDATE: The winner in the small and medium newspapers category is Michael Sallah, Rob Barry and Lucy Komisar for “Keys to the Kingdom: How State Regulators Enabled a $7 Billion Ponzi Scheme” in The Miami Herald.