Fed, Treasury examining Bloomberg terminal use by reporters

Bloomberg terminal

Both the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury Department are examining the extent to which Bloomberg-terminal usage by top officials might have been tracked by Bloomberg journalists, CNBC has learned.

Steve Liesman of CNBC reports, “A Fed spokesperson told CNBC that the central bank is looking into the situation and has been in touch with Bloomberg to learn more. A source said the Treasury Department is taking similar action.

“Meanwhile, CNBC has learned from a former Bloomberg employee that he accessed usage information of the company’s data terminals of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and former U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.

“The information appeared to concern general functions used by the officials and the frequency with which those functions — such as looking at a bond, equity markets or news — were accessed. The source said all Bloomberg journalists who knew of this capability of the terminal would have had access to the usage information of the officials. However, CNBC has no information that the data were either used by the employees for journalism or shared inappropriately.

“In response to queries that Bloomberg journalists had access to officials data usage, a Bloomberg spokesman said, ‘What you are reporting is untrue’ but declined to respond when asked what specifically was inaccurate. He also would not say whether the company had investigated journalists’ access to this information.”

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