Ex-Newsweek biz writer dies at 90

Gerald Barry

Gerald Barry, a business journalist for Newsweek in the 1960s, died last week in Greenwich Village at the age of 90.

Albert Amateau of The Villager writes, ‘In the 1950s, he worked for International News Service, a Hearst wire service, in Hartford, Conn., and when I.N.S. merged with United Press as U.P.I. he worked as a wire editor in London until 1960.

Clem Morgello, retired business editor of Newsweek, the news magazine where Gerald Barry wrote business news articles from 1960 to 1970, recalled Barry’s abilities in the high-pressure environment.

“’Jerry knew how to dig deep for a story and get it,’ Morgello said. ‘In an atmosphere of super egos Jerry was a listener but he would put up a feisty argument to prove a point,’ Morgello added.

“In 1970, Gerald Barry took a job as director of publications for the international accountancy firm of Peat Marwick Mitchell.”

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